Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dinosaurs in California.

Have you ever noticed the massive dinosaurs on the north side of I-10 in the middle of nowhere? We took an impromptu trip to California for a rather unexpected funeral this weekend and I decided that Bubby would probably love eating her lunch amongst the dinosaurs. So we stopped there.

Little did I know that it would be 1) freezing cold and 2) insanely windy. Really bad idea.

Although, it did make for a hysterical picture.

These two seemed to handle it just fine. I'm a drama queen, I guess.

More on California later in the week. Oh wait, it's already Wednesday. Uh ...


  1. We just went there a month ago! And yea, it is windy in SoCal in the winter.

  2. Look at that precious, genuine smile- you can tell she loved eating lunch with the dinos! That is pretty cool.

    Sorry about the funeral :(

  3. That's awesome. My hair does that too. And the wind messes it up for the rest of the day. Then you look at my mom and her hair is perfect. Not fair.


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