Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterest delusions.

Like many other women (and men -- don't want to discriminate!) out there, I love Pinterest. Even though I intend to do exactly nothing with 90% of the things I pin, I still enjoy perusing the site for ideas and inspiration.

Plus, have you noticed how everything on Pinterest is "so easy"? Like, too easy to be true? It's highly encouraging for a craft dummy like myself. I feel like if I found it on Pinterest, I can definitely do it. Even though I really can't. Pinterest is an excellent self-esteem booster, so long as you don't actually try to do anything you find.

Sometimes, though, I come across pins that make me wonder about the sanity (or at least the blood alcohol level) of the pinner. Example:

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Striped ice cubes. STRIPED THINGS THAT TAKE DAYS TO MAKE AND MINUTES TO MELT. Because that just makes loads of sense.

The caption says, "Nothing says party time like striped ice cubes!" Replace "party time" with "I'm so out of touch with reality it's not even funny" and truer words have never been typed into a caption.

Also, they might want to add "time sensitive" to the description.

Or this:


First of all, it's not a joke. I checked.

Second: It's made of yarn. YARN. I mean, yarn looks identical to human hair. No one will be the wiser. Right?

Third: as a yarn product, I can only imagine it's both incredibly warm and heavy. You should probably only put it on your kid if they have an incredibly beefy neck and you live in a sub-zero climate.

I know! Make your kids' lunches extra-special! Use your spare time oh-so-efficiently!

I know, right? The owl and tree motif is just too easy. Step it up, SuperMom! You're not winning any awards with that one.

Voila! A masterpiece! Muah!

 Hope you're saving up for therapy ...

Beware: the following pin may induce gagging:


Don't say I didn't warn you!

I guess this is one way to quit that nasty nail-biting habit you've had for years. Unless you enjoy eating kiwi skins. Mmm.

The funniest part of this pin is the woman who originally blogged it ("The PolishAholic") intended it as a joke. Thanks, Pinterest, for making it an unfortunate reality.

What are the craziest pins you've seen?


  1. Your comment about the ice cubes has me cracking up!!!

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw the striped ice cubes!
    Also, I've seen these "bunny rolls" everywhere on pinterest spurred by Easter, but if you do the research on it its actually like a rice treat offered in some far away restaurant. There's no recipe, and again, its not bread.

  3. I'll admit, I'm pretty fascinated by the fuzzy nails. I'd almost try it on my toes...


    Laughed out loud and pinned it cause it was so outrageous!

  5. Haha!! You're so right. Thanks for making me crack up today!

  6. The strawberry mice are so cute! Of course, mine would be dipped in melted chocolate and never make it to the plate.

  7. Maybe it's just me, but I totally get every one of these posts :) Who wouldn't want to spice up their drink with a fun ice thing that really doesn't take that much effort to spice up a kids birthday party or baby shower or fun event. And who wouldn't want to make your kid's day by taking two seconds to make a cute plate? And I know lot's of people who love to be different and express their creativity in doing fun nail designs. It's a way to create and express. I'm not saying I will do any of these things. I probably never will. But I totally get it. We all have different ways to create and bring a little spice to our lives

  8. I like pinterest, but i haven't found the love for it. Nonethless, i love seeing creative pictures and beautiful decorations on pinterest ;)

  9. I like the scenery mostly. Beautiful locations...but I'm with ya- some people appear to have a lot of time on their hands!

  10. You totally reminded me of a friend who recently started blogging some of these pins- trying stuff out etc. You both crack me up.


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