Thursday, April 19, 2012

Snippets of home.

The late afternoon sunlight graciously pours into my great room every day. I love the way it brightens up the whole room and makes my house look so pretty. I couldn't resist pulling out my camera and sharing some snippets of my home with you.

Those beautiful magenta flowers are sugar snap pea blossoms arranged in a mason jar. My voice student's mother so thoughtfully gave them to me at her daughter's lesson yesterday. The candy dish (a Lenox piece given to us as a wedding gift) contains the remainder of the Easter candy, which I am doing my part to consume. And I finally printed a bunch of new family pictures to plaster all over the place. Only took me about a month!

Been doing a lot of this lately, teaching five piano students, a voice student and a hybrid voice-piano student (my ever-so-talented littlest sister Emma). That makes seven students in all, eight if you include the sporadic lessons I give to Bubby. It keeps me busy but I love it. I get to bless people with the wonderful gift of music and I get paid to do it. Pretty sweet gig, methinks.

After seeing The Hunger Games and being floored by its excellence, I have decided to re-read the entire trilogy. Blazing through Mockingjay now. And oh, those flowers are fake, just in case you were wondering. And the placemats? A little over a dollar a piece, on clearance at Target.

This is a masterpiece created by Bubby a few months ago in preschool. She says, "It's a rainbow surrounded by storms." That it is. It hangs on my fridge while the vigilant Lego Buzz Lightyear keeps watch. Hasn't gone anywhere since January so I guess that means he takes his job seriously. Either that, or I can't bear to part with my child's artwork. I'll let you decide.


  1. Gurl, I LOVE this post. It is so beautiful. How wonderful that you have a candy dish in your home. How very 60s housewife/The Help. I will remember to do the same someday :)

    I bet you are one great teacher. I loved, loved, loved my piano instructor in high school and still think about her. There is just something fun about learning that instrument!

  2. Love the pics! Your kids are beautiful!

  3. Beauty comes from the heart. You have a beautiful heart that cares for a beautiful family and a beautiful home. Salut, mama!


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