Thursday, May 24, 2012

She's a graduate.

When it comes to my kids, I'm not super sentimental. I wasn't sad to go back to school when Bubby was a baby, I didn't mourn when Buckwheat decided he was done nursing and I didn't shed a tear when sending Bubby off to preschool last fall. I'd heard of other moms crying about these detachments, so I was fully prepared to be a blubbering mess when my turn came (I can be an emotional wreck at times). Well, I wasn't.

But yesterday, I experienced an emotion I wasn't quite prepared for while watching my daughter graduate from preschool. It was a little pang of sadness as I realized how quickly my cherubic Bubby is growing up. I know, I know -- "Chill out! It's just PRESCHOOL; it's not like she's going to college tomorrow." But that's just it -- before I know it, she WILL be going off to college. I finally realized this yesterday.

You have no idea how fast the time flies until you have your own children. I swear, the very act of becoming a parent accelerates time. And seeing the cumulative slideshow of the many fun things Bubby got to do in preschool all year-- making pizza, visiting a farm, having a Thanksgiving feast, going to different homes for Christmas Around the World, taking a field trip to the Mesa Temple and a Safety Kids fair and just having a wonderful time with her schoolmates -- made the old time acceleration cliche' a reality for me. Especially at the very end when they compared their first day of school picture to one taken last week. My, how she'd changed. How ALL of the children had changed.

You blink, and then it's gone.

Anyway, I was practically bursting with pride at my little girl's accomplishments. Her teachers really are the best. Not only did they more than prepare the students for Kindergarten, but they also provided them with a never-ending amount of enriching and fun activities. They are so creative and come up with the best ideas! I was continually amazed at all the things Bubby learned. So hats off to you, ladies!

As part of the graduation , the kids performed about twelve songs and poems they had memorized throughout the year. Dill and I were grinning from ear to ear as we watched Bubby enthusiastically pronounce every word and perform each action.  'Atta girl! I thought.

Then came time to sing a song about a "Mean Ol' Witch." Our smiles turned to looks of utter confusion as we watched Bubby stand up from her chair, walk behind it and crouch down to hide.

Turns out, Bubby wasn't a fan of that song and didn't want to scare me with the unexpected "BOO!" which occurs mid-song. How thoughtful of her! She knows I don't like to be startled. She also doesn't like witches very much.

Afterward, she popped back up to rejoin the show and gave me a "thumbs up" signal. Melted my heart!

Check out her dancing skills for yourself. She's quite a performer! (Don't mind my giggling in the background. I really couldn't help it.)


  1. I hope I didn't freak you out yesterday when I commented on Debbie's post about Bubby (I'm Heather). It kinda caught me by surprise when Rachel turned 5 and went to kindergarten. Now the year's almost over and she's going to be in 3rd GRADE! Anyway, Bubby is super cute and quite the performer. If she ever changes her mind about witches, maybe she'll be a "Wicked" star some day.

  2. Oh my word she's adorable!
    I think I might have to steal some of her sweet dance moves... legit!

  3. That video is adorable! I don't want my babies to grow up!!!

  4. Oh love that she hid to not scare you! So so cute! And yrs, at some point in mommy hood something happens that makes you finally believe all those people that say it goes so fast

  5. I found your blog thru someone I can't remember. Sounds like pre school is fun! Where is that pre school. I'm looking at schools for my 3 yr old daughter I want to enroll this fall to keep my sanity with 3rd pregnancy. Any infos will be great!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Look how big she's gotten! She's just so beautiful. I bet you are just such a proud mama! Congrats to you both!


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