Monday, June 18, 2012

We're back in wilderness man mode.

Pre-beard (as in, he started growing it out the next day) and now. Crazy, huh?

Way back in March, we got another e-mail from LDS Casting stating they would be filming a second phase of New Testament footage over the summer. Since Dill had already taken part of the first phase of the project (remember this?) and had a splendid time doing so, he considered regrowing his manly-man beard and applying again. But he was worried it would hinder his ability to get promoted at work, so he kept his face nice and clean for a few weeks after we got the e-mail. Then, his manager convinced him it would actually make him more memorable and show potential employers that he is basically awesome (who doesn't love a good lumberjack beard?), so he decided to give the beard another go!

That was at the end of March. Nearly three months later, he's sporting facial hair the most devoted hipsters would kill for. (I'm really considering dressing him up like a hipster and posting a picture so we can all die laughing.)

Filming should begin in July or August, we've been told. I hope it's in July, before school starts, because I would love to make a family trip out of it. Haven't been to the Beehive State since I graduated over three years ago. And I really need some Two Jack's pizza. It's one of the few things about Utah I miss. A lot. Scrumptious, melty, crusty, BACONY pizza and cheesy bread that's TO DIE FOR.

I think that was the third death/killing reference in this post. In my defense, I just got done cleaning the bathroom, and most people get stabby after that activity. Am I right?

So, my good friend Brittany suggested once he's done filming, he should keep the beard but trim it down and groom it a bit. Last time, we shaved it in stages, ending with a variety of hilarious mustaches (and a Bieb-tastic look). This time, I think I want him to lose the mustache first and then try some fun chin hair styles. A goatee, maybe?

Or perhaps he should go for the Seneca Crane look?

Oh baby.
Thoughts, ye?


  1. holy moly that is a beard. saweet. haha.

    i get stabby after any cleaning too.

    please shave his beard like cranes it is amazing. :)

  2. Please oh puh-lease do the Seneca Crane beard!!! That would be so refreakindiculously awesome!!!!

  3. awesome beard! my husband's gets too scratchy!
    my uncle is working on the sets and asked me to sew the curtains for King Herod's court. It's be a lot of work but fun!

  4. PLEASE do that goatee. It would make me SO happy!

  5. I was so happy the day Two Jacks replaced Pier 49 Pizza on Center St. in Provo :). I agree it's the best pizza around and it will be one of the things I will miss about Utah IF we ever leave. I don't see that happening but it could. It will be sweet to see you guys if you come visit during the filming. There's still a lot of people in the ward that you know. Looking forward to the pictures of the beard after filming :).

  6. Sam starts filming on July 16th, I think. Don't know when the crowd scenes will be, but there you go. I'm so excited for Dill to do it again!


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