Monday, July 9, 2012

Barricaded in the bathroom.

This week, I only have one plan.

Wish us luck.


  1. OH my mommy prayers are with you!

    I read every book, blog and article about potty training for my boys and it still took a few months to get it down!

    Try everything you can think of, including making up a song that involves poop and pee!

    After two boys I hope girls really are easier, but I have awhile until Kyler is ready.

    Good luck!

  2. i am so scared to potty train my second! it took a year with my first. haha. i'm hoping it wont take long but i'm just scared to start. ugh.

    good luck to you!!!

  3. I've heard boys are harder than girls. Let me know if that's true! :) good luck!!!

  4. Oh good gracious! Good Luck!! - Jenna

  5. GOOD LUCK!!! When people ask what method I used to potty train, I gave the honest-to-goodness answer: prayer. I prayed. A LOT. And I got goofy answers sometimes. But they worked and potty training was relatively painless, so I swear by it. :)

  6. I do believe that device will now have to be flagged...

  7. Whahaha such a funny simple post. Hope you accomplish your mission ;)



  8. much luck to you and your little boy!


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