Friday, July 27, 2012


Since Bubby passed the early Kindergarten screening a few days ago, I've been getting a lot of questions about why I am choosing to put my daughter in school early. To be frank, it's really no one's business. I don't mean to be rude or condescending, but blunt, personal questions ellicit blunt responses. In case you are considering the same for your own child, though, I would like to share Bubby's background and the events leading up to my choice with you.

The decision to put Bubby in Kindergarten early was one I carefully made over a year ago. At that time, I was debating whether or not to enroll her in preschool. I knew if I did, she would be prepared for Kindergarten by the end of it. I also knew she would love preschool and flourish there. I didn't want to hold her back from an experience she was clearly ready for. She has always been ahead of the game -- physically, socially and mentally. She has zero reticence about being apart from us and has never had separation anxiety. She is tall for her age. She potty-trained early. Not to mention, she could actually sound out phonograms and READ before she was 3. I mean, you know you're in for it when your 2-year-old can easily complete a puzzle of the 50 states as well as name each one and its capital.

Bubby's clearly not an average child -- I began to realize this when, at 3 months old, she started imitating letter sounds -- and this fact has presented a dilemma for me. I KNOW the stats regarding older kids and their success. I've read the book Outliers, I've read all the internet articles about it, I've been told probably 100 times by now that I'll be doing my child a great disservice by putting her in Kindergarten early (a month and 11 days early, mind you) and guess what? I'm choosing that path for my child anyway.

As expected, Bubby loved preschool and excelled beyond her teachers' expectations. I know that Kindergarten will provide the same enrichment for her. She is beyond excited to go to school. Heck, she's still talking about how fun the test was and how she wants to take it again. The kid is a sponge who soaks up information like it's going out of style. She loves to learn and she loves to be tested on what she knows. And she really enjoys socializing with other kids. She is a natural at making friends. She's going to be fine.

I understand if you're concerned for my child's well-being. Don't assume these worries haven't crossed my mind. Every parent fears sending their child out into the world alone and I am not an exception. But I have thought this through, I have discussed it with like-minded parents, I've prayed about it and this is the right decision for our family. She will be attending half-day Kindergarten so she can ease into school a little slower (most schools here do not offer half-day). But she's ready, and I'm so excited for the adventures that lie ahead for my sweet, brilliant little girl.

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