Thursday, September 6, 2012

I laughed so hard, I cried.

And then "I slapped a fish."

You guys, I can't even ... wow.

I'm definitely NOT a Twi-Hard ... I tried to like Twilight, I really did, but ... it's just not my thing. And that's OK. I'm sure there are people out there who dislike The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Ok, so no one dislikes Harry Potter. But you get my drift.

Anyway, maybe my disdain for Twilight allowed me to fully appreciate this video. Or maybe not. Maybe it's freaking funny either way, whether you're on Team Edward or Team Jacob or Team Twilight-Must-Die. I guess you'll have to watch it to find out.

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  1. I kind of liked Twilight, and I STILL laughed hard!

  2. hee hee, I'm a twilight fan too but this is hilarious!

  3. :) Have you seen this one? It's two years old, but still gets me:

  4. oh my gosh!!!! i laughed so hard i almost threw up! i like twilight the books the movies are just bad, terrible acting and this is awesome my husband is going to die when he sees this!!!

  5. My husband just showed me this last night! I was DYING... So much win in that entire thing...

  6. My favorite part:
    "what did you eat for dinner?" "leftover piece of cake"

  7. I'm laughing so hard!!!!! Thanks for some humor :)

  8. Hahahahahaha! That was amazing! Thanks for the laugh!


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