Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get out and VOTE!

Well friends, the election is officially ONE WEEK away! If you're on top of your game and have an early voter ballot, be sure to get that filled out and in the mail this week. (Or just fill it out, hold onto it and deposit it into a ballot box at the poll on Election Day like I do. That way, you still get a cool sticker.)

(No, I'm not a conspiracy theorist who thinks the mailman is going to steal my ballot. Just a lover of cool stickers.)

You all know who I'm voting for. In fact, Dill (who loves Ron Paul more but has decided Mitt's the best pick of the available choices) boldly proclaimed his political affiliation on a pumpkin last night. Behold:

It's a Romney pumpkin. Yeah. Just so you know, it was between that and the Tri-Force from Zelda. Dill = Super Nerd.

After carving this masterpiece last night, Dill and I painstakingly filled out our ballots. Every single part of them. We ate candy while we did it so it didn't feel so difficult. And just so you know, I VOTED FOR A DEMOCRAT. It's because I'm awesomely bipartisan like that. I'll let you guess who it was.

The point of this post is actually to tell you to get out there and VOTE next Tuesday. Not because I want you to vote for Mitt -- well, I do want him to win, but I mostly want you to exercise your right to be part of the democratic process. The only way to ensure this right is preserved is to use it.

Plus, voting gives you permission to complain a whole lot if the other guy wins. Haha.

But really ... just vote. Even if your choices are the exact opposite of mine. Why? Because I respect your right to vote how you see fit and because I love our American freedom.

However, do yourself a favor and vote wisely. Don't write in Lord Voldemort, for cryin' out loud. Research the candidates and measures on the ballot. It doesn't take long. Even all those Superior Court justices ... just go online to look at their judicial performance review. If they have any "Does Not Meet" votes, you might consider giving them the boot. See? Easy.

Just remember, as an American citizen, it is your right and privilege to make your voice heard. So be proud, be smart and VOTE!


  1. FYI: I think your link for the judicial performance review is wrong. It's taking me to the man running for sheriff's site. :)

    P.S. Miss your posts on the message boards!!!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I must not have copied the link correctly. All fixed now!

  2. My husband and I got our early ballots and mailed them in already! He crazily enough has NEVER voted. In fact, i had to register him when we got married. My rule was that you couldnt complain about anything if you did nothing to change it. So, he voted. Because there sure has been ALOT of complaining at our house.

    This year, i have watched every debate and read stats and fact checks and read all those stupid props. Good heavens...i cant wait till Nov. 7th.


  3. Thank you for posting he link to the judicial performances ( the link was correct when I clicked on it, just FYI). I've had all of my ballot except the judges part filled out for a week cause I had no clue where to find info on who to keep, so thank you! Done and now I can mail them in :)


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