Monday, November 26, 2012


During the Thanksgiving weekend, Dill's family always goes out to the desert to shoot clay pigeons and ... target-stuff. Can you tell I'm not really a gun person? I mean, I have no moral objection to them, but I just don't have any experience, really. Except the time I shot an old-fashioned pistol at Rockin R Ranch. I'm still not even sure if it was real ...

Anyway, this particular outing was traditionally for the men-folk as most of the women folk have had babies and small children to look after in the past (you have to be 5 years old to attend). But now that all those wee ones are grown up, many are choosing to make it a family outing. I think next year, I'm going to find a sitter for Buckwheat so I can get in on the action. Mostly because I want to wear these fabulous ear muffs:

I mean, seriously. How cute does Bubby look holding that .22? Such an amazing picture!

She didn't really like shooting the big guns (surprise, surprise), so after she had her turn with the .22 she moved on to the AirSoft gun.

Of course, my sexy hubby got in on the action, too. Hot stuff.

It's awesome to have educated, experienced relatives (retired police officer and former military) who can teach the family about proper gun usage in a controlled, safe environment. In the 20 years or so that the Thanksgiving shooting activity has been held by my in-laws, no one has ever gotten hurt. Not a single person! So I feel completely confident in sending my children with very responsible adults to learn to properly respect and use guns (which I also think is an important skill, one I regret not having).

So ... what did YOU do for Thanksgiving? I played kickball, shopped, ate a ton, caught up with family members, found out I really can't have gluten and ate my weight in Muddy Buddies (they're gluten-free!).

And took this absurd self-portrait.

I do what I can.


  1. ha ha, love the self portrait! That is so cool about the thanksgiving/shooting tradition in Dill's family. I have never shot a gun in my life but mostly because I've never had the opportunity :)

  2. Uncle Michael would have LOVED to know that Audrey shot her first gun at age five! The picture of her is so dang cute! My Dad shot a BB gun at age five but hit the girl next door instead. Relax, no one died or was severely injured! Even though Papa was a Marine and Highway Patrolman his entire life, I have never shot a gun. Maybe it's time I overcome my fear.

  3. how adorable are her pink head phones! haha love it.


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