Thursday, March 21, 2013

This little guy.

I can't really believe it, but on Sunday it will be the 3-year anniversary of Buckwheat's birth.

Yes, this one is going to be 3. THREE!

Best things Buckwheat is doing these days:

Saying prayers in a growly voice (we try not to laugh. It's impossible.)
Stroking Mama's hair and saying, "So pretty!"
Carrying his Mario doll wherever he goes.
Using the big boy potty!
Counting to 20.
Running as his primary mode of transportation.
Legitimately playing Super Mario Bros. and beating levels.
Loving his big sister and missing her when she goes to school.
Enthusiastically hugging Daddy when he comes home from work.
Sleeping in a twin-sized bed.
Playing Just Dance 4 with me.
Snuggling in the early hours of the morning.

I love you, buddy! Sososososososo much.

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