Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun in Treasure Valley: The Wedding!

Sorry I fell off the face of the planet for a while there. Morning sickness and fatigue are kicking my butt more than I'd like to admit. Since I'm feeling pretty great this morning, I decided to finish this post series with the part you've probably been waiting for most.

My cousin Tyler is a really great guy. He's not only just about the nicest, friendliest person on the planet, but he's hilarious, too. So when I met his wife Victoria I knew he'd found the perfect girl for him because she's basically the same.

Tyler and Victoria got married at The Linen Building in downtown Boise. It was built in 1910 and used to be a place where local businesses could have their table linens, uniforms, etc. laundered and pressed. Now they use it as a venue for weddings and other occasions and also an art gallery. It's pretty cool!

Alright ... picture time!

Making it official.

 Centerpiece + cake.

Mr. + Mrs.

The epic cake-smash. They really went for it!

Tyler and his mom, Aunt Tami (and niece Marley) // Tyler and his dad, Uncle Steve

Tyler and his brother, Chad // Ty's sister Lynde and her family

Fun fact: Lynde and her fiance Collin are actually getting married TODAY! Congratulations!

First dance as husband and wife. Awwww!

And ... of course, I was there, too.

It was so fun to hang out with my extended family in Boise. I'm glad I got to be there for Tyler's special day!


  1. I love it! Congrats to your cousin and his new bride.

  2. I just love Tyler. He has such a nice and fun personality. Congratulations to Tyler and his new bride Victoria!

  3. This is perhaps the most random blog comment I've ever left, just a warning.

    Lately there have been so many bugs in and around my house. My husband and I kept meaning to call pest control but never got around to it because it's a pain and expensive. Then this morning we awoke to find a full-on ant infestation in our kitchen. It was horrible! I knew there was no time to find a pest control company, call, make an appointment, and wait for them to come. Then I remembered your blog post from way back when about Raid Bug Remover so I immediately went to Walmart and pick up a container.

    It worked like a charm! My kitchen is ant free and hopefully the rest of my house will follow suit. So, I just want to let you know that you are saving the world, one insecticide review at a time!

  4. looks like a fun wedding! The bride was stunning!


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