Friday, November 1, 2013

FREE Thanksgiving printable!

Well folks, it's November 1! The month of thanks is here. This morning, the thought dawned on me that I should probably yank down my Halloween decorations before too long. I immediately started having a mini panic attack. Some people are already talking about putting up their Christmas trees and I'm like, "Hold up, I barely got my Halloween wreath up three weeks ago." But alas, it's naptime, so the Halloween decorations are officially in storage and I even had the gall to whip up a Thanksgiving printable. Gotta get the most out of it -- 27 days until Turkey Day and then it's onto the Christmas festivities.

Of course, I love to share, so here you go. It's nothing fancy. You're probably thinking, "I could have made that in two seconds." Well, I did make it in two seconds so now you don't have to! That's charity right there, my friends. Click it, print it, hang it up in a cute frame. And tada! It's Thanksgiving at your house.

Click to download, yo! (Like all my printables, it's 8 x 10".)

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