Friday, May 30, 2014

Return of The Chair: 1 month!

Remember how when Carson was a little guy, I took a picture of him sitting in the little IKEA chair every month to document his growth? Well, I did! And I get to do it again with Wee Baby Clara. And you all get to benefit by seeing my cute baby in a tiny chair every month for the next year.

Yesterday marked the end of Clara's first month of life. I couldn't believe it. Seemed to go lightning-fast and sluggishly slow all at once.

This was the best chair picture of Clara I managed to get, thanks to Sleep-Deprived Mom Brain. I took, like, five completely blurry shots and even tried cleaning my lens before realizing I was in manual focus mode when I thought I was in auto. Doh. Of course by that point, she was screaming to be removed from the archaic torture device. C'est la vie.

She's such a dainty little screamer, though.

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