Monday, June 30, 2014

Two months.

So, I blinked and then sweet baby Clara was suddenly two months old. WHAT. We marked the occasion with another chair picture. Behold:

Here's a kind of funny story. You know how she was born at 3:49 AM on April 29? Well, at 3:48 on June 29, I heard her squawking and smacking her lips over the baby monitor. I trudged into her nursery to feed her, bleary-eyed and nearly comatose. As I sat their rocking her while she ate, the thought dawned on me that she woke up just in time for her official 2-month birthday and maybe she just wanted a celebratory drink with Mom.

Party like a rock star. At 4 AM. Cheers.

Later that day, Dill blessed Clara at church. I felt so much joy watching as men who love her surrounded her, and listening as Dill pronounced her name and invoked beautiful blessings from heaven. So many people came to support us and nosh on some brunch at our house afterward. It was a special, memorable day.

Clockwise from top: The happy parents, my parents, Dill's parents and grandmother, my best friend MoniQue

Here's the pretty princess in her blessing dress. Glamour Shots by Jenna, I guess you could say.

Despite being totally un-crafty, I made her headband for the special day. When I tried it on her a month ago, Dill skeptically said, "It's a little big ..." to which I replied, "Her head will grow by the time we bless her." I kind of lied. But I like the big flower. Big flower for a big day.


  1. Aww she is so adorable! You guys make cute babies. We are getting our little one blessed this upcoming Sunday. So excited!

    1. That IS exciting! We would've done it then but some of Dill's family is leaving town for the 4th and would have had to miss it.

  2. "Glamour shots by Jenna" Hilarious! I literally laughed out loud on that one. And I love the flower. Super cute on her cute little head.

  3. God bless that sweet thing! She's changed so much already since I was in town. I'm so glad her blessing day went well. The newborn photos you took of her are just gorgeous- very pretty announcement :)


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