Monday, March 30, 2015

11 months of Clara Bean.

Yesterday, our little Bean turned 11 months! Today, I took a picture in The Chair to document her growth.

What a doll!

Clara's recurring ear infections (six of them, if we're keeping count) earned her a visit to the ENT, who said it's time for tubes! Yaaaaay. So that little procedure is happening April 16. It completely shattered my heart to learn she hears as if she is under water. Poor thing. She sure is a happy little girl despite having plugged ears.

Clara has also grown quite a collection of teeth over the past month, so we've graduated from purees to soft solids. Yes! A new lease on life! She enjoys eating pretty much anything I stick in her mouth. It's so cute to watch her pop her mouth wide open whenever a spoon or fork gets close. Homegirl went to town at Joe's Real BBQ the other night. Even babies think their mac 'n cheese is divine.

No walking yet, but she stands next to furniture and cruises. She also lets go sometimes and stands without assistance. I predict she'll be walking right at a year. I look forward to clean hands and knees.

And here's some news you'll appreciate: she can now drink out of a sippy cup! Wahoo!!! I was truly worried about her becoming dehydrated. Now, she chugs that thing whenever she gets the chance. 
Drinking more water also means she has slowed down with her nursing quite a bit. It's pretty much only in the morning and at bedtime now. I hope to have her weaned at a year. Simply put, I have no desire to breastfeed beyond that point. Yesterday, the little turkey bit me hard when I tried to offer her the breast, so I am guessing she feels pretty similarly. I will miss our little snuggles, though. Oh, and as the feedings have decreased, my acne has burst forth in an inversely proportionate matter. So that's really cool. I feel like I'm 14 again.

Well, the Bean is currently tearing up her brother and sister's room, so I'm outta here!

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