Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Final Chair picture.

Would you even believe if I told you that one year ago at this very moment, I was snuggling my 10-hour-old baby in the hospital, thinking maybe epidurals are as wonderful as everyone says they are?

Yep. My baby is ONE today!

Here's a progression collage so you can see how much the wee one has changed over the months ...

And finally ...

Whoop! There it is.

Clara had some tubes installed in her eardrums about two weeks ago, and life's been dandy ever since. Imagine always feeling like you're ears need to pop and hearing as if you're submerged in water, then taking a 5-minute anesthesia-induced nap and waking up with no pressure in your ears and normal hearing. That's about all there was to it! Since then, she's more responsive, less fussy and has been talking a bit more, too! The other day, Dill picked her up and she very clearly said, "Dah-ee!" It is so exciting to see the changes in her.

Basically, ear tubes are AMAZING and I will sing their praises until I'm in the grave.

Clara has a bunch of teeth in her mouth, eats everything in sight, loves to crawl and climb (but not walk), adores the people she knows and is really skeptical of those whom she doesn't. We're talking, tears, meltdowns, refusal to be held ... sigh. I suppose I was lucky to have two kids who had zero concept of "stranger danger" and I should count my blessings. Maybe we can somehow lovingly convince her that other people aren't scary monsters who want to eat her for dinner and she'll outgrow this phase before too long? Let us pray.

In other news, we sold our HOUSE! In one showing. I know, try not to hate us. I am so relieved though, because living in a "model home" with three kids, one of whom likes to crawl behind you and undo all your cleaning and organizing, it the pits. I actually considered locking my kids outdoors at one point to prevent any further disarray in the "model home." Also, imagine my panic when the first showing is right during my EVMCO concert and poor Dillon not only has to get the "model home" ready but also corral the kids all by his lonesome. Well, apparently I should have more faith in the man because not only did he pull it off, but they offered more than we asked the very next day! Kudos, Dilly-Pie.

So anyway, we're on our way outta here and I'm feeling all sorts of emotions over it. Happy that we will be moving closer to Dill's place of work and we'll all get to see more of him. Sad that I have to leave so many great friends and neighbors behind. Discouraged by how expensive homes are in Phoenix and they're not all fancy and clean and cute like they are out in the East Valley. Unsure about where my kids are going to attend school. It's a whirlwind of feelings, people.

But for now, I'm going to quit worrying and savor this day. I'm going to forget about house-hunting for a while and have some pie and cake for my last baby's first birthday tonight. Bittersweet. They really do grow up too fast.

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