Thursday, October 29, 2015

Where I've been lately.

Short answer:

On Snapchat.

(Did I really just tell the world I have a Snapchat? Crap.)

Here's the thing about Snapchat: I can basically talk about whatever I want and after 24 hours, it vanishes forever. And people can't leave me comments or tell me they think I'm an idiot. They just have to watch and endure. Or tap through. Whatever floats their boat.

Blogging, on the other hand, takes far more mental stamina and I have to worry about feedback, which stresses me out.

Plus, Snapchat is just so darned fun!

Things I have discussed on Snapchat as of late:

--Burning my finger on my flat iron

--Carson coming home from school with a profusely bloody head

--Going to the dentist and getting my gums lasered

--The sinkhole in my front yard

--Clara's intense toddler cuteness

--Birds devouring the seed for my winter lawn

--People whose celebrity crush is Britney Spears

And a bunch o' other silly things. It's like my Random Thoughts posts of yore, but in living color!

So, if you've missed me because I'm something of a blogging slacker and you want to hear my strange voice/see me without makeup/laugh at my expense, come and find me on Snapchat and let the good times roll.

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