Friday, November 20, 2015

Mom Works Out: Karve Studios

Recently, my friend Melanie McKinnon, who blogs at Melanie Meditates, invited me to a bloggers' event at Karve Studio Gilbert. Karve is a barre (pronounced: bar) fitness studio on Higley and Guadalupe Roads in Gilbert, and Melanie is an instructor there.

Photo by Mark Yori

You're probably thinking, What the heck is "barre?" Barre fitness is a new form of exercise similar to Pilates. It is called "barre" because it utilizes a ballet bar for much of the leg work. It also incorporates the use of bands and inflated balls, too.

Photos by Mark Yori

Prior to the event, my only previous experience with barre-style exercise was a few YouTube videos that were difficult to follow and perform correctly because I don't have a barre installed in my home. Ha. Plus, I don't have a live-in barre instructor to help me with my posture and form. If you really want to get the full benefits of barre fitness, you'll want to head to a studio for sure.

The Karve class is so great. It incorporates upbeat, current music to keep the workout fun. The instructors are so dynamic and energetic, I felt totally motivated to go the extra mile on every move. The workout itself is challenging and effective, but not impossible. I REALLY felt the burn on some of those moves! It was intense, but I fully enjoyed it.

Photos by Mark Yori

Pointe Studio also sponsored the event and provided us all with adorable pointe socks, specifically designed for barre classes. They are super-comfy and have non-slip grippies on the bottom.

Photo by Mark Yori
I'm always looking for do-able, fun and low-impact workouts, and Karve Studio Gilbert definitely provides that type of fitness experience. Check it out!

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  1. I did Karve with Melanie for a few months and really really enjoyed it. One of my favorite work outs!


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