Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites: SteamFast Everyday Steam Mop

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If you had to pick just ONE household chore you absolutely hated more than any other, what would it be?

I could name about a dozen top contenders, but my least favorite is MOPPING.

Could there be a more involved chore that is less rewarding than mopping? I mean, before you even start, you have to completely clear the floor -- rugs, barstools, trash can, chairs ... all of them have to go. Then, you have to sweep the floor (because you can't mop over crumbs, that just ain't right).

Then, you must use the hose attachment on the vacuum and suck the remaining crumbs out from all the nooks and crannies that your broom can't reach. You don't think you need to do this, but if you don't, they will find a way to screw up your mopping job. I don't know how, but they always do.

THENNNNN, you have to fill up a bucket of hot water and floor cleaner, slop it all over the floor with a heavy mop (basically, you're just moving around the dirt), rinse the stupid mop, wring it out, refill the bucket because the water's black after about two turns ... you get the idea.

After about an hour, you're done! But ... your floor is now soaking wet, and every living thing in your house suddenly wants nothing more than to walk all over it. So, you use about four bath towels (yay, more laundry!) and hastily drag them all over the floor with your feet until it's somewhat dry, trying to prevent people from making footprints and/or slipping on it. Spoiler alert: They still manage to do both.

Move all the furniture back. Now, you're really done! Just in time for dinner, when your kids will drop and spill everything onto the floor and even manage to make crumbs out of salad.


But friends, there is an easier way. Behold, the SteamFast SF-150 Everyday Steam Mop.

I ordered this for myself for Christmas since my home has a LOT of tile. I mean, a lot. And regular mopping just wasn't going to happen, ever.

For less than $70, I figured it was a worthwhile purchase. It doesn't require any cleaner -- just water. And it comes with two washable mop head pads. So really, it's just $70. Less if you have Amazon Prime.

You guys. This appliance is a total game-changer! First of all, it comes out of the box practically assembled. It is so easy to set up. The microfiber pad goes right on like Velcro and stays put until you're done, and it's washable.

Once you plug it in and turn it on, the mop heats up in about 20 seconds. At that point, all you have to do is drag it across the floor like a vacuum cleaner, and it pushes steam out through the mop pad as you go. The steam sterilizes the floor and cleans it like nobody's business. It even cleans the grout! And since it uses only a small amount of steam instead of six buckets worth of water, it dries almost instantly.

It operates on a power cord, but the cord is quite long. And anyway, I'd rather not waste money on batteries.

The water tank seems small, but I can do my whole house in two tanks. I'd say I have about 1700 square feet of tile, so I'd say that's not too shabby. Plus, the tank is super-easy to remove and refill. And since it's small, it's not heavy in the slightest.

Yeah, you still have to clear the floor, sweep and vacuum before use. But, the worst part (all that water-bucket-mop mumbo jumbo) is long gone! Just let this little baby do all the work for you. Not to mention, it's so small and easy to use, you can whip it out to spot mop any time your little heart desires.

I seriously cannot sing the SteamFast's praises enough. If you have a messy family and a lot of tile, you NEED this! I can't vouch for its efficacy on other types of flooring, but it is totally perfect for tile. It's all-natural, cost-effective and so convenient.

Get yours HERE!

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  1. Great post! My wife and I just recently moved into a new apartment with only hardwood floors. As nice as the place looks, it requires for us to mop weekly. We've been using the traditional mop and bucket since we moved in, but we have been eyeing an upgrade. It looks like we will be investing in a Steamfast too!


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