Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites: Iron Mantis Pest Control

I love almost everything about Arizona. We have the most beautiful skies in the world (especially at sunset), heavenly weather during the fall and winter months and the intoxicating smell of orange blossoms in the spring.

But the one time of year I go from loving to just tolerating this great state of mine is during the summer. Because let's face it -- the heat here is brutal.

And, aside from being incredibly uncomfortable, the warm weather also brings out all the little critters that I despise. Namely, roaches and SCORPIONS.

Last year, we bought a new home in an area that used to be a grove of orange trees. Scorpions tend to like orange trees, so I'd heard there were quite a few of those satanic beasties in the area. I vainly hoped we could avoid them, but no. Sure enough, after a few months of being here, we started seeing more of them. Mostly outside .... but, one did find its way into my kids' playroom.

That's when I said NO MORE! I'd have to get pest control. I cannot and will not live in fear for my life in my own home.

Lucky for me, I have a great friend from high school who started his own company locally, Iron Mantis Pest Control.

First off, such a clever name and branding, right? Unforgettable.

I LOVE how I get a text message notifying me a few days before I have service. Of course, it's very easy to call and reschedule if there's a conflict, which I have done with no problem. They are always so accommodating.

When the technicians come out, they're right on time, super-polite and very efficient. They can treat the interior and exterior of my 2200-square-foot home in about 15 minutes.

After a few months of treatment, I hardly ever see bugs around my home anymore. And when I do, they're dead. It's great! No more noisy crickets outside my bedroom at night, no more disgusting roaches trying to make their way in, no more icky earwigs and no more creepy spiders!

However (and if you follow me on Snapchat, you might remember), about a week ago, I did find a lone scorpion in my bathroom. He was hanging out on our bathroom vent and I caught sight of him in our mirror while brushing my teeth before bed! It sure freaked me out, but I knew what to do. I called Iron Mantis the next day and they came right out to spray for me. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will come out for free should you find any bugs between treatments.

They also offer nighttime blacklight treatment where they'll go hunting for the scorpion nest and eliminate the problem at the source. If I find anymore, I'll definitely be utilizing this service!

Some of the other critters Iron Mantis exterminates include ants, roaches, termites, bed bugs, bees, wasps, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetles and mice/rats. Basically, if it crawls/flies and annoys you, they've got you covered.

Iron Mantis also uses "green" pest control if you have chickens outside or other safety concerns. They incorporate organic plant-based solutions to deter the bugs, which is just the coolest! But rest assured, their traditional spray treatment is also safe for children and pets if you choose to go that route.

Icing on the cake -- if you're already under contract with another pest control company, Iron Mantis will pay your cancellation fee up to $150 so you can make the switch! Sweet.

I hoped I would never have to use a bug guy in my life, but in Arizona, it's just the way things go! Especially when it comes to scorpions. I'm glad I have a pest control company I can trust, who does a good job and treats me well. So, if you're in the Valley of the Sun and are seeing any unwanted visitors in your home, give Iron Mantis Pest Control a call and they'll give you a free pricing quote based on your home's size. They'll annihilate all the buggies for you!

Also, be sure to check out this handy article from Pest Repeller Center on simple ways you can further eliminate or detract pests from your home.

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