Monday, June 19, 2017

Return of the Intern.

Do you remember when I graduated from BYU in April 2009? I blogged about it here, in case you need a refresher.

That was the last time I set foot in Utah.

Crazy, right? The place of my birth, the place of my people, the place of my alma mater and yet I haven't had cause to return for the past eight years. Until now.

And, I'm pretty stoked about it!

The choir I sing with (Millennial Choirs and Orchestras) is performing in six (SIX!!) concerts at the historic Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City this week, and as such I am hauling myself to Utah to join them. ALONE.

Yes, a trip for me, by myself, no spouse, no kids -- just me, navigating the Beehive State like the legit adult I supposedly am. I'm also renting my first AirBnb (LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS!!!) and my first car. Which kind of makes me nervous, but I'm sure it will be fine, right? Please tell me I can't screw this up.

Aside from enjoying SLC, I'm excited to see my sister Mariah and take a gander at the BYU campus because I hear it's changed a whole lot since I was there. And, let's be honest -- I miss BYU. Sometimes, I long for the sunny, pristine atmosphere of BYU. It's like the Disneyland of college campuses. Everyone is nice and good-looking, the landscaping is perfection and it's not uncommon for a group of students to bust out in song, Broadway musical-style.

(A lot of people there also live in Fantasy Land, but that's another gripe for another blog post.)

Anyway, I am excited to report back about the AirBnb experience and tell you all about my travels, but I need some help from you! I'm going to be eating out a LOT during the week, and I value high-quality food experiences, so give me your dining suggestions from Provo to Salt Lake City! Especially sushi, because Mariah and I have this tradition where we get sushi together any chance we get, and we're definitely going while I'm there. Fire away!


  1. Oh my word, Jenna, there's SO MUCH GOOD FOOD now!!! You have to go to lunch or dinner along Center Street and University Ave. I highly recommend Station 22—my fav!—or Black Sheep Cafe. Next to Station 22 is HERE Provo, which is the boutique where I sell my caramel-chocolate crispie beehives (try one! It'll change you life!).

    Around the corner on University is Rockwell's Ice Cream, which is seriously the best ice cream in the country (I say that educatedly—tried ice cream everywhere I went on my road trip. It's the best!).

    Welcome to town—have so much fun!!! I'll be at the concert Friday night and hope to see you there (although I know you won't be on stage—sad day!).

  2. Oh, and per your sushi dreams: The best in town! I love, love, love the squid and seaweed salad. I think they take reservations, so you may want to make one.

    I seriously have Utah dining down to an art. While you're at the Tabernacle, run across to City Creek and try Blue Lemon—hands down one of the best places in Utah. City Creek also has a great cafe in Nordstrom, Sixth and Pine.

    If you like Thai, Sawadee is between Temple Square and the Avenues (your Airbnb is adorbs!)—great price and seriously delish.

    The area around 900 East and 900 South has a ton of great eats and is cute to walk around. I recommend Mazza if you like Middle Eastern.

    I could keep going, but I'll spare you. :P Hit me up on FB if you need anything while in town! Travel safely!

  3. Station 22 in downtown Provo (on Center St.) and around the corner is Rockwell's ice cream which is TO DIE FOR; Chubby's and Sushi House in American Fork; and Tsunami Sushi in Salt Lake.

  4. !!!!! MY HOME!

    I know nothing about Provo, but the best sushi in SLC is Takashi downtown, it's pricey, but you should def go there even just to order the Strawberry Fields roll. You're welcome. Also delicious downtown is Sapa, lots of options, delicious rolls, amazing happy-hour time deals. (And Tsunami is delish too!)

    You need to go to Penny Ann's cafe for pancakes and their breakfast nachos are the most amazing thing I've ever had for breakfast. Seriously.
    You need to go to Red Iguana (try Red Iguana 2 for fewer people and the same menu)
    You need to go to Even Stevens, and Eva's Bakery/Boulangerie, and Imma second the recommendation for Mazza AND Sawadee.

    Daaah, I am so happy and jealous that you are spending so much time in my home! <3 <3 <3


    1. Delish pizza: Pizzeria Limone on 700 E/400 S
      Delish cheapie burgers and shakes: B&D Burgers on 1300 E, or Hires (long time SLC institution)
      Delish pub food: Red Rock Brewery
      Delish late-night everything option: Gourmandise Bakery (seriously, their French Onion soup is DIVINE!)



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