Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding do-over.

Confession: I love looking at wedding pictures. If you have some on your Facebook page and I'm your friend, I guarantee I've looked at all of yours (does that creep you out?). And I'm about to sound old right now, but I especially love the new vintage trend going on. Off-white dresses, unique hairpieces, romantic hairstyles, retro-inspired photography ... sometimes, it makes me wish I'd gotten married a few years later than I did. Or ... that I was a few years younger. In other words, I wish I had been able to cash in on this trend for my wedding because it is simple, natural and beautiful.

So sometimes, I look at people's gorgeous wedding pictures and I get a little jealous. Don't get me wrong; I love my wedding photographs. I have several framed throughout my home. Our photographer was (is)amazingly talented and produced fine work. It's just, my tastes have changed in the last five years and this style makes me drool hard core. LOVE.

(More examples here and here)

Basically, I kind of want a wedding do-over. Same groom of course (don't worry, Dill). Same place (love the Mesa Temple). Just ... a different style. Different dress, different colors, different decor.

(end dream sequence)

But really, that's a stupid idea. We can't just get married again. I mean, I know some people renew their vows and that's cool and all, but let's get real -- I have two kids. And we've been married for five years. It was a special day frozen in time, never to be replicated. And at the time, it was my dream wedding.

I think I'm better suited for family pictures and romantic "love shoots" for now.

Just for funsies, I've been playing with my wedding pictures to see if I can create this vintage style. Don't worry -- I've saved the originals.



Fun, huh?

What do you think of current wedding trends? Do you love vintage, modern, classic, simple, elegant ... what was your own wedding like? Do you sometimes wish for a do-over, too?


  1. I hear you on the wedding do-over. There are a number of things I would change--I was planning my wedding while having mono and that made me very flippant about what was happening. I just didn't care. Now that I look back on things, I wish I had different flowers, a different hair style and no veil. I know these are silly things to dwell on, but I could have fixed them had I had more foresight. But you live and learn, right?

  2. My thoughts exactly! I would have done everything differently just cuz my tastes and trends have changed over the past 5 yrs. But hey, if we did it the way we want now, in 5 more years we'd want to do it again in the trend of the day. But still. I drool over current trendy wedding pictures too! :-)

  3. Oh I like the third one, that looks cool.

    I would have a VERY different wedding if I were to have a do-over. I picked the dress my mom loved just so I could check it off the list. I would pick something really different now, and would probably want to have more of a party. Dancing, karaoke, something really fun.

  4. We had a family friend do our pictures. She was good and I have no complaints, but since we've been married, she's gotten AMAZING! Absolutely amazing! I am a bit bummed that I didn't get married a few years later (or that she didn't develop her 'style' sooner) but what can ya do? Luckily, we can always take awesome family pictures. As soon as my girls can walk, I plan on dropping a serious (well serious for us) penny to get some awesome pictures.

    And I LOVE the Lang photographers. I shamelessly stalk their personal blog as well as their photography blog. They are amazing!

  5. There is so much I would change about my wedding. I would have had my hair professionally done. My sister did it and by the end of the day it was all out of place! I like the last photo, it looks vintage and romantic.

  6. I'm getting married in April this year and I cannot even begin to count the numerous times I went back and forth on things just because there were too many things I liked. There are so many different trends and ideas that I could not possibly cram into one.

    Apparently my solution to this was to start my own business so I can create those ideas for other people. It works for me right now.

    Gorgeous picture, by the way! Brand new follower. :)


  7. I too would LOVE a do-over, I think about it all the time! I'm so glad its not just me!

  8. I want a new photographer for my wedding. He was rude to family, just took standard so-so pictures and charged an arm and a leg for it all.

  9. I hear ya lady! I loved my wedding cuz twas grand and all that...but I have like 5 other receptions in my head that I am dying to do! That's why my 16 yr old sister knows she could get married tomorrow and her entire wedding would be completely put together, head to toe, compliments of meh.

    ps- i am also a wedding pic fb stalker. my fave is people who aren't my friends that let others view their pics. i get frustrated when people get married and don't post their pics or when people aren't getting married so there's no new pics to look yeah. team creepy. right here.


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