Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why I like the pixie cut.

So, it's been about 5 days since I got my new haircut. I am really enjoying it and still think anyone who has entertained the idea of getting a pixie cut should take the plunge. Reasons:

1. For one, it is simple to do. From wet to styled, it only takes me about 10 minutes. I can go many days without washing it ("no-poo" is much easier to handle with short hair). And when I do need to remove the product, I just use warm water, conditioner and old-fashioned friction to get my hair squeaky-clean and ready to go.

2. It's lighter for summer. No need for hair-ties when you've already got warm-weather hair!

3. My lipgloss doesn't get stuck in my bangs anymore.

4. Bubby and other small children can't pull my hair out as easily, and it doesn't get caught on things (yes, my long hair used to get stuck in doors, tangled around necklaces and earrings, and would catch onto tree limbs occasionally).

5. It's just plain cute.

6. And ...

... it's ...


So we dig it. :) One of the best decisions I've ever made (along with marrying Dill and moving back to Arizona).

I promise, this will (probably) be the last post about my hair. I just want any pixie cut fence-sitters to see how much fun it is to have short hair. You can totally do it. And if it doesn't turn out just right ... well, hair grows!


  1. No don't stop posting about your hair!! LOL We love it!

    BTW that last pic is my favorite so far.

  2. AMEN SISTA!!!!
    I love my short hair but one downfall is if I can't get a hair appointment for a while, then I look like Joe Dirt and my hair goes all mullet on me. Anyway, enough of being a Debbie Downer... Pixie cuts are amazing and yours looks fabulous!

  3. You look so chic! Take that all you frumpy moms out there--haircuts are the answer. I'm glad it worked out so well. Joel thinks it looks fab too.

  4. I love the way you styled your hair in the last pic. Very cute! :)

  5. Billy wants me to do my hair this short i just can't bring my self to it i love my long hair to much and im almost there....

    you make this hair cut hott!

  6. You're hair is so cute. You're lucky because you have a face that can pull it off. My nordic heritage makes my face too round to pull off anything too short. Short hair makes my head look about as round as charlie brown's. Thanks for sharing though. I can enjoy short hair vicariously through you. :)


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