Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mom the Intern Ditches the Mom-Do.

As most of you know, I had been planning on chopping all of my hair off for some time now. I even wrote an entry about it recently. And while I was semi-serious about this venture, I was also semi-insane.

Who, after 18+ years of having long hair, decides to whack it off? ALL OF IT?

Exactly. A crazy person.

But here's the deal. We all know that until yesterday, I had a Mom-Do. And not a cute Mom-Do, either. It was a frumptastic son-of-a-gun in desperate need of an overhaul.

And as I committed to the No-Poo experiment, it only got frumpier.

And frumpier.

Point is, my Mom-Do had to go.

And go, it certainly did.

I wish I had taken a picture of all the hair on the floor, but I was too stupefied to even consider it. Let's be honest -- I've NEVER had short hair. By any means. I've had a few bobs in my lifetime, but nothing, NOTHING so drastic as a pixie cut. So it was a tad unnerving to see a pile the size of a Pomeranian at my feet by the end of the whole ordeal.

After a lot of texturizing and some fun highlights, I was pleased with the result and no longer astounded at how much hair I'd lost. I loved it.

So here, for your viewing pleasure:



And that, my friends, is why we love the pixie cut. :)

So now, if any of you have been contemplating this drastic change, you should know you can do it and you'll look amaaaaazing.

Fabulous hair courtesy of Rebecca South, Hair-Do Salon.


  1. WOW!! YOU LOOK AWESOME! I LOVE it girl! You can rock it!! cute!

  2. Good heavens you look amazing! Bravo.

  3. I have a few comments to leave...First I would like to say that your hair cut looks great! I had long hair my whole life and never got more than an inch cut off at a time. Then after my second daughter was born I needed a style that was fuss-free and mostly I needed a change. So, I but my hair super-short! It felt great! The freedom and the shock factor gave me more pleasure. I did let my hair grow back and now I'm contemplating another change...

    I also want to let you know that I have just recently found your blog through my google alerts. The first post I read was about your "bug-bite." I'm so glad that it wasn't skin cancer and that it was just a bug-bite. I'm so sorry that your husband is a skin cancer victim though.

    I write for the UV Skinz blog where I promote our uv swim shirts, raise awareness about skin cancer prevention and sun protection. I recently started featuring stories of skin cancer survival and diagnosis. I would love to share your story as well as your husbands. Please email me if you are interested!


  4. Jenna~ I totally forgot that I photoshopped a picture of you with a pixie cut (like the female celebrity you posted a picture of in your "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" blog) and I was going to send it to you. Well, here is a link to the photo (not that it may matter now). But, either way, you look cuuuuute with short hair! Mmmkay, bye.


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