Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Review: These Is My Words

I'll be honest -- in the past 10 or so years, I haven't read books for pleasure (other than Harry Potter) because I've been perpetually swamped with assigned school reading. But now that I have graduated, I simply have no excuses. My nose has been itching to get into a good book.

I have always loved to read, I really do. I was that kid who went into her room and read for HOURS. A regular bookworm. My heart was captured by literature; I became part of the stories I read. It was an escape from reality.

So, I've decided it's time to renew that passion.

Last Saturday, Dill, Bubby and I headed to our local library. I'd been wanting to read These Is My Words by Nancy Turner for quite some time. I took it home and started reading it as soon as I walked through my front door.

I could NOT put it down. There I was, my childhood self, so deep within the pages of that book my house could have caught fire and I wouldn't have known it.

The book is about Sarah Agnes Prine, a pioneer woman in the Arizona territories in the late 1800's. The book is a journal, written from her perspective. I couldn't help but become attached to this woman from the start. I cried when she lost loved ones and rejoiced when she found happiness. I felt like I was right there with her, riding wagons and shooting Indians. Sarah and me -- we're like *this*.

If you like historical fiction, do yourself a favor and read this gem. It's perfectly clean, but it can be gruesomely violent at times. And oh, the love story ... it's worlds better than Twilight. Your heart will melt.

Next read: Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert.


  1. Yes I so loved this book! The sequel is good too, though not quite as good.

  2. Every woman should be so lucky to have a Captain Jack in her life! Good Read!

  3. I LOVED this book, and I LOVED the main character. I cannot say that about many books.


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