Thursday, April 29, 2010

See how he grows?

1 week old

1 month old

So, the Smush continues to get huge as I continue to get smaller. And believe me, I am more than happy to pass the chubs onto him. He wears it much better, I must say.

Smush is now over a month old. Next Wednesday, he will be six weeks old (on Cinco de Mayo -- cha cha cha!). He is humongous. I am guessing he's already around 11 1/2 pounds. Bubby was like this too. Why are my babies huge? I am not huge. Dill is not huge. But my babies are already 3 months old when they are born. I'm not complaining, though. Big babies are tough and are more fun to cuddle. In other words, "The Smush" is a very fitting name for this guy.

Smush decided to sleep seven hours a few nights ago. It was awesome. But then, he woke up at 3 a.m. this morning. So not awesome. Oh well; I'll take what I can get. I'm thinking he'll make the switch to sleeping all night soon.

Bubby is a great big sister. She is good at notifying me when the baby is crying and she likes to put his Soothie in when it falls out (Soothie = big green binky the hospital gives you). She has dubbed him "Baby Guy." And, she hasn't had any jealousy issues whatsoever, and I'm so relieved about that.

So that's the latest with the goings-on here. Enjoy this picture of the three of us (taken by the self-timer on my camera).


  1. We have that same chair :)

    And wow, it is amazing how much he grew in a month and he is so so cute!!

    I hope she keeps not being jealous. I had a boy first, and at first he was fine, but around two months the jealousy bug kicked in. But maybe it won't as girls have that natural maternal instinct.

  2. Oh! Look at Audrey's cute cheeks! I can't believe how fast Carson grew. You have a cute family there!

  3. big babies are the best! #2 was over 20lbs at 6 months. He was a Chunk!
    I can't believe smush is already almost 6 weeks old! They grow up WAY too fast!

  4. I LOVE chubby babies. I was hoping Tommy would be a little chubber but he has been thin ever since he was born. Nothing sticks to him! Maybe Tristan will get chubby, I hope so!

    Carson has grown so much! He gets cuter and cuter. Love the pictures, so cute!


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