Friday, May 7, 2010

Chubby Cheek Friday.

The Smush enjoys being bundled up like a little burrito. I enjoy it, too, because it makes him stop fussing and he looks so darned cute.

See how serene he is? He's six weeks old, by the way. My how the time flies.

And here's one of my two chubby-cheeked offspring together. Had to snap this one quick because Smush was slipping out of Bubby's grasp.

Cheeks abound!

Speaking of which, I only suspect Smushie's cheeks to get, well, smushier in the near future, because he's going through some kind of growth spurt lately and wants to eat like every 10 minutes. I should probably change my name to Dairy Queen at some point. It's nuts.

(Actually, it's milk ... heh.)

What are you doing this weekend? Dill and I are going on our first post-baby #2 DATE on Saturday! Going to hit up Buca di Beppo with an awesome coupon. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. Sunday is Mothers' Day and we're celebrating at my parents' house. I think I'm going to get my mom some cheery tulips. Everyone can benefit from tulips.


  1. Lucky you! Living by family sure has its perks! ;) I'll be happy if I get to sleep in tomorrow as Bobby is working all day Sunday.

  2. Moooooooo..... I'm so funny, I know. ;)


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