Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are they clothes or are they sleepwear?

First, go here and watch the infomercial.

Then, discuss.

Totally chic? Total disaster? Mom's dream come true or Carson Cressley's worst nightmare? Clothing or sleepwear?


  1. Okay- wow. I JUST saw this infomertial last night while feeding the baby at 1am. I thought I was loosing my mind when i saw it. These pants are insane! Worst nightmare for sure. Please - I must see someone at wal-mart wearing them... I need a good laugh. :)

  2. So if they're just a cotton and spandex blend, how are they different from "jeggings?" if they were straight-legged I think they would totally pass. Maybe I just like spandex too much. Haha.

  3. haha, I don't know who you are Julie, but you read my mind! I think they are equal to jeggings and I think they are a disaster!

  4. Stephanie, are you sure you don't know Julie? Julie Aston? LOL.

    Someone on a forum actually bought these things and she said they're different from jeggings because they're lined with fleece, more like sweatpants.

  5. I say they are neither clothes, nor sleep wear. How about the middle ground: lounge-wear?

    I think these would be nice for the days when you feel like crap, but want to pretend you feel good. You can feel like you're wearing sweats but look like you actually made an effort to get dressed!

    (So when your husband gets home from work he doesn't wonder why you're still in your pajamas, fooled him!)

    Purely for fully stay-at-home days though. Don't. Go. In. Public... :)

  6. I love the Greer Family's comment. :)

    They look like a thicker jegging to me. I bet they'd be uber comfy tucked into some uggs. :| (I can't believe I just said/wrote that)

    I'd have to try them to give my full opinion. Although, I think it's weird they're fleece lined.

  7. I am reminded of Seinfeld... "I give up. I can't compete in normal society. I'm miserable, so I might as well be comfortable."

    just sayin:)

  8. As hideous as I think they are, and I really think they are, I am so crazy curious. I agree, I think they sound good for a day like today (snow day, noone going anywhere) in which I'm going to be home but feel like such a slug in my pj bottoms.

  9. In teenager world, they already exist as pants, so I'm over the shock-value. They looks like pants and from a distance I wouldn't have guessed. So I vote, roll with the new fashion trends!


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