Monday, December 13, 2010

Holly-jolly (part 1).

While Dill and Bubby did some shopping on Saturday, Smushy and I had a holiday photo shoot.

Bubby's Christmas dress is just precious, and I got a smokin' deal on it. Plus, what does the (fake) tree look like at night? Stay tuned for more holly-jolly pictures ...


  1. He is very cute! And the last photo is very fun, you have incredible teeth! My goodness :) I remember when I was thinking about REALLY going into broadcasting I went to a cosmetic dentist because although my teeth are fine they are not perfect by any means. Good thing I ended up working for a magazine, I so did not want to foot that dental bill :)

  2. How cute! I took a bunch of pictures of our decorations and need to post them too.

  3. so cute :) i love when i get to play with him sometimes during sunday school. last week he crawled right over to me and i took it as a sign that i could pick him up and hold him.


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