Thursday, March 10, 2011


First off, thanks for all the pants suggestions. Who knew I had such a common problem? I'm guessing jeans shopping is best done when you have lots of time and a babysitter.

I've been thinking a lot about common trends. Some of them, I totally get. Some, I don't.

Get: Lady Gaga

She's a weird duck, that Lady Gaga. And she dresses like she's from another planet. But her tunes are catchy and accessible. Plus, she's a pretty talented musician. So, even though I don't get her fashion at all, I get why she's so popular. She's a modern Madonna. We all get our daily dose of weirdness via the Mother Monster.

Don't Get: Ke$ha

Autotuned train-wreck, this chick. Her voice is absolutely grating to me. Note to Ke$ha: dirty hair + random clothes + autotune + Valley girl talk + glitter + symbols in your name do not a rockstar make.

Get: Vintage

There is something so special about vintage artwork, clothing and decor that's in perfect condition. Preserved in time. I have this siiiiiick royal purple maxi dress that my Granny wore in the 1960's. I don't know how I got so lucky to own it. I'm afraid to wear it anywhere because it's that amazing. (Angela, should I wear it to church?) I also own the tweed suit my mother purchased for my baby blessing nearly 24 years ago. It fits like a glove. Items from a different era are just so .... full of personality, yet classy. I used to love shopping at thrift stores to see what kind of treasures I could take home for just a few dollars.

Don't Get: Vintage

And then, there's vintage gone horribly wrong. I call it, "Grab four items from Savers, slap 'em on and call it vintage. The more random, the better." Like the way Ke$ha dresses. I just don't get it. Classy, not trash, folks.

Get: Breastfeeding

I'm so glad this is becoming a trend. When I was a baby, it was seen as the uneducated, lesser form of nutrition for babies. Moms who nursed were basically viewed as poor, dirty hippies. Why? I'll never know! It's healthiest and it's free. How can you beat that? I love this trend. My hope is in 20 years or less, nursing a baby will be viewed in the same light as tying your shoe. No big deal.

Don't Get: Babywearing

Sigh. I tried this, I really did. I tried it with Bubs. My dumbest babywearing moment was hiking up the hill at the south end of BYU campus with a 6-month-old Bubby in tow. That hill is not very stroller-friendly, so I thought I'd give the pouch sling a try. Oy, by the time I got to the top, my back KILLLLLLED and I was huffing and puffing like an asthmatic. Sometimes, I tried to be all cool and walk down historic Center Street while wearing my baby. Just for funsies. She had such a big head, it was like wearing a Barbie doll with a watermelon on its head. It just lolled around all over the place.

I tried this concept with Smush (who has a smaller head) but he hated it from the start. I prefer a stroller. Much smoother ride.

Get: Facebook

Isn't Facebook the coolest thing EVER? I saw "The Social Network" a few months ago and it blew my mind. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg, for keeping us all in touch. I heart Facebook.

Don't get: Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter (@momtheintern) you already know this, as evidenced by my severe lack of tweets. I hate being limited in my communications. HATE. it. Obviously, I like to talk a lot. 160 characters or less really cramps my style. Maybe I'd like Twitter more if I had the internet on my phone. Speaking of which ...

Get: Smartphones

Seems so efficient to basically have a computer the size of a phone.

Don't get: iPads

Is it a super-large phone, or a slimmed-down laptop? The big questions.


  1. YES! wear it to church! i'm saying that for selfish reasons because heaven knows i love vintage dresses and would love to see it... but really, you should.

    i love twitter so much more than facebook now. not sure when that happened, but it did. also lately i've found myself wanting an ipad... even though i have a laptop and an iphone. they just seem so convenient, and the few i've used are really great for reading books, browsing online, flipping through digital magazines. but it would just be another time-waster for me.

  2. I hate Key-DollaSign-Ah too! She is soooo trashy and not at all classy.

  3. So funny, I'm with you on most of these but I think an iPad would be cool (if I won it or something). I love babywearing myself and hardly ever use my stroller, though I'm thinking of joining a stroller workout group next week... eeek!

    Either way, you are hilarious.

  4. wear that dress lady! anywhere! make a normal day a special day! and then take a pic and let me ooh and ahh over you! ok? ok.

  5. @Jenn I really think the iPad is cool, but I just don't get it. It's not very small, though it is sleek. Ha, maybe it's large in anticipation of the aging techie generation? Someone needs to write a dissertation!

  6. I wanna see a pic of your purple dress! I do get babywearing--you gotta have a sling that you love. And that your baby loves. I am using the moby with my newest and it is very comfortable. Plus I hate carrying the baby in their car seat so it's a plus for me.

  7. love to read your stuff! yes, i don't get the ipad either. Im all for my screen holding itself up(laptop) verses the ipad cramping my wrists straining to hold it up.

  8. I agree with you on so many of these. I love the vintage trend and was into it before it became "mainstream." :) I also really get you on bf. Although I'm not a mom I was bf and can tell you that I'm grateful to my mom for doing it during a period of time when it was frowned upon. Love your perspective :)

  9. i'm going to follow you on twitter just because you aren't a tweet machine;) and i so hear you, i have the.hardest.time.ever. keeping it down to so few characters. crazy big talker over here!


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