Monday, May 16, 2011

Live Your Best: Challenge #4

So, how did challenge #3 go? Did you get around to trying the oil cleansing method?

Here's a little anecdote to show you how well it works. A few days ago, my face started to get a tiny bit dry again. Instead of trusting the method and just adding more olive oil to the mixture, I decided to use a facial moisturizer right after cleansing my face. Bad idea! I got a big zit on my cheek yesterday. My skin was obviously furious with me. The good news is I did NOT use the moisturizer again last night and the zit's already significantly smaller. So, trust the oil! That's the lesson for today.

Challenge #4, I've decided, is going to go right along with my upcoming vacation. Why yes, Mr. Dill and I are leaving our kidlets behind (don't worry -- they're in good hands) and heading to Washington, D.C. next week for a wedding! It's the first time I have ever left my kids for more than a few hours. I'm really quite worried and excited all at the same time. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun with their Grammy and Pa.

This is also the first time I have been to the nation's capitol. I have a huge itinerary of stuff I want to do while there, mainly museums. I used to think museums were possibly the most boring places on earth (second to church, before I had kids), but then I grew up and have since realized how neat they are. Where else do you get to learn about history or science by looking at artifacts and exhibits? And they're often free or relatively inexpensive.

I guess that since I'm not in school anymore, I find that I actually enjoy learning things. Who knew.

Which brings me to Challenge #4: Go to a museum or art exhibit.

Do you live near a university? There are often free art and science museums on campus as well as student art displays and shows. When I lived in Provo, I loved visiting BYU's Museum of Art (affectionately called the Moa) and then getting a bite to eat in the delicious MOA Cafe. Arizona State University also offers a variety of museums, galleries and collections for your (free) entertainment.

The best part about this challenge is it directly coincides with International Museum Day, next Wednesday, May 18! How rockin' is that?

Earn some bonus points on this challenge by taking the kids with you! I know, scary! And hardly fair since I won't have my kids with me. But it could be fun.

One of the aims of a BYU education is to encourage "lifelong learning and service." That always struck me as important. It's good to always be learning things, isn't it? The world is so full of treasures -- why limit yourself to those that are easily unearthed during your formal education?

Don't forget to blog about your museum adventures!

Oh, and check out my left-hand sidebar. Links to all the past challenges!

(Also, any tips for a D.C. first-timer would be greatly appreciated.)


  1. I like this challenge :)

    Personally, the MOA cafe has the very best mint brownies in my opinion. I liked the art, but I admit I went for the dessert :p

    Kevin and I recently went to King Tut at the Science Museum of Minnesota. We loved it.

  2. My favorite exhibit was the First Ladies Inaugural Gowns in the American History Museum. Also, don't forget to go to the top of the Washington Monument, the view is amazing!

  3. If you feel up to it, check out the Holocaust Museum. I went when I was only 12 but I still remember the powerful stories of survivors and those they left behind.

  4. oh, I can do this one. How about I visit Barcelona, Rome and Pisa! We are leaving for a Mediterranean cruise next week and I am thrilled. I will happily report back!

    As for D.C., just enjoy what you can. I loved the Holocaust Museum, I think it's important for every human to see. I also really liked the War Memorials, especially Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, it will be nice since you will be so near Memorial Day.

    Have fun, but not too much. My word verification is stork and since I am already pregnant I know it's not for me ;)

  5. 2 Amy's Pizza. It's so good! Obviously I have food recommendations...but I also really liked the museum of American history. You can see Julia's kitchen! shoot. also related to food. xo


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