Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memories of Mom.

My mom, Grammy, with baby Bubby. Can you believe she's almost 50?

If I could sum up my mom in one word, it'd be FUN. Kids at school and church always used to tell me I had the coolest mom. She just really understands kids and doesn't let things bother her too much.

When I was a kid, she had a special tradition of taking one child grocery shopping with her on Friday nights. I always thought those trips were the best. Grocery shopping takes a lot of time, which meant Mom and I would get plenty of time to talk.

When I was 12, I was a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan. My super-cool mom surprised my sister and me by taking us to the Backstreet Boys concert. Boy, was that an adventure! It was only my second real concert (my first one being Neil Diamond -- quite tame in comparison) and I was blown away. That was one of my best memories for sure. We still talk about how the high-pitched screams of the adoring fans made us temporarily deaf. We walked out of the arena unable to speak properly for quite some time. To commemorate my mom's 50th birthday, coming up this year, we are taking her to the NKOTBSB concert in June. We gave her the tickets at Christmas (since her birthday is after the concert) and she flipped out with excitement. This time, all of my sisters are coming. It is going to be off the hook and I can't wait.

My mom is so good at surprising people. She often shows up at my house randomly with McDonald's or treats or random gifts. And speaking of which, she is the best gift-giver. She always gets exactly what people want, and if she can't figure it out, she just gives you cold hard cash. She did this for me when I was a teenager (and she still does sometimes). She would give me $100 and then she'd take me to the mall for a whole day to spend it however I wanted. Now THAT's a teenage dream if I've ever heard of one. Try again, Katy Perry.

Last but not least, my mom is compassionate. She is always looking out for others and never thinks of herself first. I think of all these fun memories and realize they all meant she had to sacrifice in some way. She didn't even get alone time when she went to the store, something I demand, because she wanted to create a bonding experience for one of her kids. My mom is one who gets emotional when she sees a handicapped or disadvantaged person. She is always willing to take dinner to people who are sick or grieving, give her kids' friends rides all over town and make beautiful dinners for her family, even though she hates cooking (but don't let that fool you -- she is an AWESOME cook!). She is always helpful, kind and giving. And she makes everything fun!

Mom, I know you sometimes wonder if you raised us right. Well, rest assured that you most certainly did. You are an exemplary mother, one I want to be just like.


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