Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bauer 2012.

I seriously loooooove the show 24. Dill and I didn't start watching it until it had already been under way for several seasons, so we caught up on DVD. Um, suffice it to say we quickly became addicted. It was like this every night:

"Hey, let's watch an episode of 24!"


(Epsiode ends)

"Hey, let's watch another one!"


(Repeat three more times, ending around 1 in the morning.)

(Yes, this was before we had kids. Obvi.)

I was so depressed when it ended. I even got a little misty when Jack said his last farewell to Chloe on the drone camera. So naturally, when I saw this hilarious shirt at the International Spy Museum in D.C., AND it was marked down to $10, I couldn't pass it up!

Shirt: Spy Museum, D.C., Shorts: Dickies, Tilly's, Shoes: Candies, Kohls.

Yeah, Kiefer Sutherland is on my boob. Lucky guy. And I know, I look a little ticked off. An exhausted toddler that refuses to nap and dirty hair will do that to you. I had planned to wash my hair (it's been four days now) but it just didn't happen. But never fear -- I washed it this morning.

You know, I bet Jack Bauer never has to wrangle wound-up toddlers. That should be a mandatory part of anti-terrorism training, methinks.

P.S.~ The polls are indicating you all want me to dance for the 100th Follower Vlog. I'm all for letting the people have a voice, but you should know, this could be dangerous. Universal health care is the least of your worries.


  1. I love Jack Bauer, too and 24 is a favorite of ours! That shirt is awesome!

  2. have you seen prison break??? if you havent you need to watch it! sooo addicting!

  3. My home is in that episode watching cycle right now for 30 Rock. So grood. Ps your couch and pillows are so cute!

  4. I started watcing 24 in the middle of an episode and then finished the series after that. The episode I saw first was the nerve gas one.

    Prison Break.... Eh. Not that great. The first couple episodes yeah, but then it got boring & disgusting. Killing everyone off in a disgusting way does not a good series make.


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