Wednesday, August 17, 2011

House tour: Bubby's room!

Bubby had a great time at pre-school yesterday! Didn't even miss me. I figured as much. You should have seen her when she went to Nursery for the first time at 18 months -- she literally ran in and never looked back! She was the kid who'd cry when we came to pick her up. Way to boost my self-esteem as a parent. I promise she has a good home life! She's just one of those social kids who has no fear or reticence when it comes to being separated from Mom. So far, it appears Smush is the same way.

Speaking of Bubby, I know you guys want to see pictures of my house and I thought I'd start with the cutest room of them all -- hers!

This is what you see when you walk in. The bedding and rug were handed down from my sister Sarah when she got married a few years ago. I love that it's feminine but not frilly, and there are lots of colors to coordinate with. The bookshelf was given to us by family members. Table lamp, flower lamp and pink toy bins/shelf are all from IKEA. I love that place.

I'm on the prowl for a cute mirror or work of art to go above the bed. I really like this silhouette of the Mesa Temple; I'm thinking hot pink or lime green. I also think a window treatment could liven things up, too.

Opposite of her bed is a little reading nook. Chair: IKEA.

Dill painted this shelf before Bubby was born. Dill's step-grandfather, a skilled craftsman, made the wooden bunny before he died. I painted the piggy bank at As You Wish. My cute friend Kate made the picture frame as a baby gift for Bubby.

There's Bubby's real name! (Is a bomb going to go off now?) I made those letters before she was born. Super easy: I just bought some wooden letters from Hobby Lobby (1/2 off), traced them over some cute scrapbook paper, cut it out and Mod Podge'd it on! Easy way for a very pregnant woman to feel like a huge success, let me tell ya. The tables and green toy bins are also from IKEA. Bubby loves her "Tateeo Heads," as you can see.

Notice there's no dresser? I don't like dressers because they take up useful room space. So we store Bubby's clothes in plastic drawers in her closet.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite room in your house?


  1. Totally cute. I like that it is a room she can grow into, nothing babyish or super frilly. Love it!

  2. What a darling room. I was just at IKEA last week and walked through the kid's section- cute stuff!

    Yes, a bomb is now going off!!!! Crop those letters out now ;p

  3. SO, I totally love this room! We're getting ready to move into a new house in the next week. I will be separating my two oldest, boy girl combo has to come to an end. My daughter will probably be super mad that she'll have to have her own room. So I suspect I'll be making over her room before I do any other room in the house!


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