Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The house is strangely quiet.

Today is Bubby's first day of pre-school. In fact, she's there right now and has been for 30 minutes. But who's counting?

Before leaving we took a customary "first day" picture. I told her to give me a cute pose and this is what she came up with. Sassypants! She's still in the running to become America's Next ... Top ... Model.

Is it bad that I'm not at all sad to send her off? I just know she's going to have the time of her life!

In other sad and very upsetting news, my mother's cousin was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in her home. You can read the story here. The family would appreciate any positive thoughts and prayers you can spare.


  1. Your daughter is just darling! Also, I am so sorry about your mother's cousin. Her family lives just a few doors down from us. She will be missed in our ward.

  2. Bubby is adorable! When I first saw the pic I thought she was doing the clothing switch up like her mommy.

    No you are not a bad mommy for enjoying her excitement about school. Us mommies know what is best for our babies and it sounds like she is more than ready for "school".

    I will send thoughts for comfort and peace for your family. I'm so sorry and please accept my condolences.

  3. she is so adorable!

    and, so so sorry for your loss. prayers sent to their family (and yours).

  4. She is SO cute! A salute?! I love it.

  5. She is adorable and look at that outfit!
    So sorry about the shooting- how horrible

  6. So sorry to hear about your mom's cousin--that's just horrifying. On a happier note, Bubby is super-cute! I'm glad that you're handling the transition so well. I hope when the time comes I'll be as calm! :)


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