Saturday, August 6, 2011

Interior decor help.

Thanks for all your questions! Some were easier to answer than others, but I'm always up for a challenge. Keeps me on my toes. I hope you had fun getting to know me a little better.

Now, it's your turn to answer some questions for me.

First, you should know that this is my room.

It's sad; I already know. The rest of my house is pretty cute, actually. At least I think so. But my bedroom ... Oh, my poor bedroom.

(This is the plight of many mothers, I hear.)

Some requests/questions for you skilled decorators out there:

1) Please help me find a new bedspread. I like quilts and/or bright colors and interesting textures. I dislike burgundy, tan, gold, hunter green, navy blue, plum. It can't be too girly (on Dill's behalf). And I don't want to spend a fortune. You know, debt crisis, tough times, yadda yadda. Just link 'em in your comments.

2) What would you do with the windows, treatment-wise? Would you put anything BETWEEN the windows? My heart says "decorative sconces" but my head says, "Too mid-2000's!"

3) What color (yes, I want an actual color) would you refinish the desk in? It's a pretty sweet desk, huh? It's an antique from my cool great-aunt Marjo. I'm open to leaving it alone if the bedspread is right.

I know the lamp is sad and I need another lamp on the side table (Smush killed the old one a few weeks ago). I'd also like to add a small armchair in the space to the left of the bed. But not right now. Let's just focus on the big stuff. Baby steps.

I know many of you are super-stylish and have a knack for this sort of thing, so I'm looking forward to your input! Feel free to answer any or all questions. Or at least sympathize with my ugly room syndrome.


  1. Have you thought about moving the head of the bed to the wall with the desk?

    I would first pick the bed set. It is so hard to find the perfect one. You can check out Anna's for something inexpensive or Ross. It may take you a while, but when you find one you love it will all fall into place from there.

    Window treatments are a must! You can do a few things. I did scarfs in my old house on windows just like that. I loved the natural light coming in and it added just the perfect touch. I have also seen these windows that had curtains completely across the wall. It looks like one big window. You could also do one panel on the ends and two panels int the middle. so the middle has 2 hold backs while the ends use one old back so its swooped to one side. Ohi wish i culd draw it out for you. it would make more sense.

    I think i would avaoid the sconces, I had the same thought in my last house, but once i had window treatments that was enough.

    I also like accent walls. One idea is to do the wall with the 3 windows, it will make them pop! or you can do the wall with the desk. Would work best if you made that your head of your bed went.

    I would so redo the desk. To get that "undecorated look" you like so much, you could paint it and distress it in a bright contrasting color. It doesnt even have to match the curtains or bedspread.

    Having lived in that neighborhood fr 5 yrs and seeing the models I have seen so many different things in the floor plan! I also love decorating. You have such a cute house that I feel like you should be giving me advice! I am also pretty conservative, and dont like spending much on decorating. I try to use what i have.

    So those are my thoughts! i hope with that and many more you recieve that you will soon have a beautiful bedroom!

  2. Okay I would have a headboard like this:

    And then a bedspread like this:

    Cause then you could practically do any pillows that you want/find.

    For the desk, I would do something bold like this:

    Then on your wall behind your bed:

    And then on an adjacent wall, I would do asymmetrical collage of prints, vinyl (of course), pictures, do-dads.

    If I was REALLY rich, I would find a very cool rug like this:

    but that's just me. Good luck!

  3. Something to consider for the window treatments is to do panels, but only have them on the far left and right sides, leaving the middle window alone. I have seen my mother (professional window treatment specialist) do that when there are a group of windows that are too small or narrow. It makes the wall appear larger, almost like there is one big window.

    I like the idea of an accent wall. You could purchase an all-over stencil and use that for your accent wall. Try here

    However, I am SO not a decorator and need help myself! Good luck to you, I think the ideas are great!

  4. BTW, I was actually thinking this before you made the post. You should consider doing a tour of your already finished rooms. I would love to see what you have done to give me some ideas of my own!

  5. Ok, here is what I am thinking for the bedding...

  6. Oh, I have so many opinions on this. But I can't comment now. Be prepared for comment #2. (P.S. I don't claim to have any decorating style/expertise, I just have opinions haha).

  7. Hi friend, here are my thoughts, please take them with a grain!

    -Move your bed to where the desk is
    -Move the desk under the window on the left if you can
    -I'd paint the desk a fun color like yellow or blue. I don't like wood, but I know so many do
    -Change up the frame of that pretty wedding photo of Dilly and you. Get something large and paint it white
    -Maybe do white bedding and fun throw pillows in great colors. That's kind of what I do. I cannot make a comittment to so much color on bedding. White should be easy and cheap to find.
    -I'd put up one large rod for those windows and take the blinds down. Then find some fun fabric and sew some drapes

    Okay, just my 2cents!

  8. Ok're cute and young and spunky so I'm hoping I have some idea of what you might like.

    For the bedspread I think you need to go for a bold geometric pattern. I see two options here...either use a something black and white like this ( and paint the wall behind your headboard a bright turquoise or muted lime or go with a colored pattern like this ( or this ( These colors are still somewhat manly for Dill and the patterns aren't over the top teenager.

    I would go with basic window scarves on black rods for the left and right of the three windows and maybe something more elaborate for your left hand wall window. In between the windows I would fill frames like these (,default,pd.html?start=3&cgid=products-framing-wall) with black & white pictures of Bubby & Smush.

    I'm not sure about the color on the desk. If you added the brightness of the comforters I'd almost consider just going white. Otherwise look at doing a weathered version of either the green or blue.

    Hope that some of this helps... Good luck!

  9. Do you have an Ikea? I have strong and lusty feelings for their textile department. I love that I can change out my bedding pretty much whenever I feel like it because prices are reasonable and they are sold as duvet covers...
    I love the idea of a weathered green or blue for the desk. My original thought was maybe a very soothing yellow (if your bedding is bright), or maybe robin's egg blue.
    My bedroom is a sad story, so really, I got nothin'. One day I'll get around to it, but it tends to be the ONE room in my house I can justify leaving un-pretty.
    Plus, then I get martyr points, right?

  10. From Walter and Rebecca: Since your room is pretty big already, I would focus on balancing the furniture to the scale of the room. I would move the bed to the right side of the room and move the desk to the left against the corner.

    Walter suggests you make an oversize headboard. You can buy a sheet of MDF (like 4'x 8') cover it in some padding with spray adhesive and cover it in some fun fabric. You can button it to add texture. This will become the focal point of the room so no need for an accent wall. Rebecca thinks a light colored textured duvet rather than a comforter (maybe like a butter yellow) and big patterned and textured pillows. Then put matching night stands in wood to balance the desk. Walter said add lamps on the night stands with oversize lamp shades. Then put bright ribbon or fabric on the top/bottom of the shades.

    On the window with three windows Walter suggests roman shades and put the same ribbons/fabric on the seams in between each pannel or along the edges of each shade. You can include art work in between each window.

    On the left wall, you can add floor length draperies (not sheers) extending about 6" to 1' from each side of the window. The room is plenty big, so the point is to make the window appear to take up more space on the wall to bring it to scale better.

    You are crafty and creative, so I'm sure whatever you decide to do will look great. Just make sure to post after pictures.

  11. Ok, I never got around to this, but here's my two cents:

    * Like everyone said, move the bed.
    * I'd keep the desk the color it is. I just remember a few years ago when everyone was painting their gorgeous furniture black. It looked so cool and chic, but now the trend is back to natural wood. Also, I have a friend who painted her sewing desk teal and is now regretting it. I think that natural wood looks fabulous when paired with bold, 60s prints and colors (the natural wood also fits with that decade). So that's what I have to say on that.
    * Paint the walls. This is your bedroom, so keep that in mind. Do something other than your traditional neutral biege pallet. I would go with light blue, turquoise, teal or any variations of those colors. I think they just look divine on walls. My sister has that shade in her room and it's just SO calming and peaceful. I feel like her room is a haven compared to all the others. I'm not a huge fan of accent walls smaller spaces like bedrooms, but if done right, they can work out. Stay away from red in the bedroom, it's too stripper/Moulin Rouge/Vegas-ish in my room. My opinion, of course.
    * Bedspread. This is where I'd go bright and bold. The walls can be the calming element, but the bed can be the fun.


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