Monday, August 8, 2011

"Mormon" style ... ?

I used to be an active poster on a Babycenter message board for LDS families. One time, there was this heated debate about whether or not it's "tacky" to layer a tank top over a t-shirt, as demonstrated in the above picture. You would not believe how passionate the opinions are on this matter! Many people less-than-considerately said it looks dumb and is too "Mormon". Now, there's an adjective you don't usually hear in regards to personal style. You know, like, "Omigosh, that dress is so MORMON." Honestly, my mind has no idea where to go with that description.

Anyway, here I am in my allegedly "Mormon" Bermuda shorts, tank top and T-shirt. Some might think it's a fashion crime, but at least I'm not running around with a picture of Adolf Hitler on my boobs (though I do sometimes sport Jack Bauer). And besides, I am a Mormon after all! No harm in looking like one ... whatever that means.

Anyhoo, thank you for ALL your help on the "Design My Bedroom" post. There are some brilliant decor ideas out there! I sincerely loved them all. I guess I will start by moving my bed to the wall where the desk is. I don't really like walking into a room and seeing the side of a bed, but come to think of it, the furniture was arranged that way in the model home and it didn't bother me. I'll at least give it a shot!

Also, I'm thinking tall panel drapes, mounted close to the ceiling, for the wall with the three windows. I'd like to paint that wall a moderate gray and do a stark white curtain. Something about white on gray makes me wanna shed tears of joy.

As for the desk, I guess I'll wait to coordinate its new color with the bedding I purchase (someday). In the meantime, be on the lookout for some smokin' deals for me!

Question of the day:
If you could choose ONE DESSERT to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My answer is the original chocolate fondue from The Melting Pot, including all the dip-ins. Here's a visual if that means nothing to you:

via "Make and Takes"

Seriously, it mattereth not how full I am -- I can ALWAYS make room for this heavenly dessert. I mean, cheesecake dipped in crunchy peanut butter-swirled milk chocolate? Yes please!!!!!

Your turn!


  1. Not a better compliment in the world than to be told you look too Mormon!!! And you are too cute in that outfit. Love your blog!!!

  2. I think it's cute! But then, you have fashion sense. Most of us "Mormon" dressers don't. :D

  3. ahhh...good ol' BBC. You're a better person than me, I can't seem to break the blasted habit! LOL!

  4. Hah, I'm wearing the same thing today. It's the only answer to cover up underclothing, seriously.

    We are going to the Melting Pot for our anniversary and I am SO excited. I do feel a bit indulgent, well, reeeaally indulgent since it's so expensive, but if you love it so much then it's go to be worth a go!

  5. I have never been to the melting pot! When I do go, I will have to try that dessert!
    As for "Mormon" style...there's no shame in it!!

  6. People are so rude. I think you look modest and lovely.

    I guess it could always be worse, looking slutty :/

    I'm so glad you are moving your bed! Cannot wait to see what you do in there!

  7. The melting pot is the best!!! Luff. And I think as long as you're not sportin a puffy long-sleeved floral pioneer dress you're safe....but actually I bet someone out there could pull it off, so hey! Anything's game!

  8. ONE DESSERT?! Seriously? If I could only pick one dessert for the rest of my life I would just go ahead and jump off a bridge. A very tall one.

    Also, can I just say that the debates on babycenter made me cross-eyed some days. Even if I was the one posting the stupid opinion. Some days were awesome, but other days? What is wrong with people?

  9. Wow, I would have to choose G's Dairy ice cream, in all their varieties, if I HAD to choose.

  10. I am crazy about Sydney's Sinful Sundae. The chocolate sauce, when made correctly and not too thin, reminds me of my Grandma's. And toasted coconut is HEAVEN! I must be crazy but I thought people other than Mormons wore t-shirts under tank tops. It's only tacky if 1. They don't match or 2. The tank top, sundress, whatever is super tight and bunches your sleeves.

  11. i was going to say chocolate chips cookies until i saw your pic from the melting pot. i'd give up my cookies any day for those puppies.

    i didn't realize it until this post, but i DO use mormon as an adjective! in fact, i have a label on my blog that i made up called "that's so mormon". but i wouldn't put that label on your cute outfit. :)

  12. @Ellen, the term "Mormon" is a pretty legit adjective when describing many things. I just don't get it when applied to fashion.

    Wow you guys, these sound like some seriously killer desserts. I'm hungry!

  13. ookay really? i have never been to the melting pot before but that looks incredible. and i agree with mandy about the pioneer dress unless you want to. then do it and rrrrock it!


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