Monday, October 3, 2011

The time he got pulled over for looking like a punk.

So, our second year of marriage, we were living in Provo in an awesome, brown-shag-carpet-with-popcorn-ceilings apartment. Which is to say, we were flat broke. So when Halloween came around, we knew we'd have to be creative. Both our employers (me: Cougar Creations, he: Wells Fargo) asked that we dress up for work.

I found this ladybug-in-a-bag costume at Claire's for like $5 and I knew I was set.

Dill, on the other hand ... we were clueless as to what he should be.

Then one day, I was folding our laundry and I came across his Flogging Molly shirt. It dawned on me: PUNK ROCKER. It would not only be cheap but also very ironic, since my husband is known for being a clean-cut, conservative -- even geeky -- type of guy. All we'd need was some hair gel, a studded belt, an armband and some black eye-liner. The armband cost about $1 at Claire's or Hot Topic, the belt was another super-cheap clearance purchase, and the rest, I already had.

This is how he turned out:

Super-convincing, right? Made me giggle a lot.

I was at work later that day when I got a phone call from my beloved. I knew immediately by the tone of his voice that this was NOT going to be a Happy Halloween after all.

"So, I got a ticket on the way to work," he said.


"Were you speeding?" I asked. Duh.

Dill proceeded to tell me that yes, he WAS speeding ("but just barely") and yes, he did feel like a total arse talking to a cop in his punk rocker costume. Then, he insisted he'd been unfairly profiled due to his faux-hawk and black eye make-up.

Well, hunny, hate to break it to you but those radar guns don't lie. And looking like you might enjoy Mary Jane in your spare time probably doesn't help your case.

Anyway, it made for a funny story, one we recall with fondness every Halloween. And also, I'm sad to report that Dill has not been a punk rocker for Halloween since that fated day.

Question of the Day: What are YOU dressing up as for Halloween this year? I got invited to a totally kick-butt Halloween party and I have no clue what to be! I'm thinking maybe a hipster ... or maybe, a PUNK ROCKER! Suggestions are welcome, but I'm on a budget. Like, $5. Keep that in mind.


  1. I've got a 70's dress that is a go-to for me, except this year I'm fitting in nothing but the Goodyear Blimp :) You are welcome to borrow the dress!

  2. Well, I am going as Cruella Deville and my new baby is going to be a dalmatian! I found a faux fur coat from a friend and just have to buy hair color.

    Good luck deciding!

  3. Lol that's really funny, poor guy. Idk what to go as this year!! I usually know months in advance...but alas! No brains in my head!

  4. Can you cut up some old t-shirt and buy some blue eye shadow? You could be "Totally 80s" for Halloween!

  5. I have no advice as I have not dressed up in years. Not very creative that way. That is pretty funny he got pulled over then.

  6. i'm pretty impressed with dillon's punk rock skills. haha!

    i am usually boring at halloween and don't dress up, so i don't have any ideas for you :)


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