Friday, November 4, 2011


Some ... ok, LOTS of people say my kids are clones of me. You be the judge.

My handsome Smush (seriously, those EYEEEEES!)

My Bubba-Love with her fabulous hair (she hearts taking pictures with me)

Ok, yeah. It would appear my husband had nothing to do with them. But I can assure you he did. However, I won't go beyond that because eww! Gross and inappropriate! And this is a FAMILY BLOG.

What's on deck for your weekend? I predict more laying around for Dill and less staying indoors for the rest of us. It's pleasantly overcast today and the park is calling our names.


  1. Cute cute cute pics! The park sounds delightful!! I'm going to try to get outside at some point this weekend and just enjoy life!

  2. haha! hilarious! yeah, i get the same thing. my kiddos look nothing like my hubby. poor guy- he's hoping #3 does, but i'm afraid it's not in the cards- i have some strong genes.

  3. Your kids are sooo cute!! And yes, definitely little you's for sure :)

  4. I'm the odd one out because I can see dillon in them, especially Bubby and her cheeks/chin area. They are a good mix of both.

  5. I can see a LOT of your in your kiddos but I can also see Dillon too. Either way, super cute kiddos.

  6. They totally look like you. I think Your little guy looks more like you than your big girl :)


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