Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Too skinny.

It's time to be serious: I have a confession to make. You know I love some good hijinx but I have to get real with you now.

So, do you remember when I went on my 50% raw food kick? It was great, really. I felt amazing and (TMI, TMI) I could FINALLY, after many years, go to the bathroom with no issue  And I lost a ton of weight. It just fell off without me even trying. I think I was even slimmer than when I got married.

Back in April, I went shopping for some new-to-me jeans for my birthday. In the past, I have always worn somewhere between a size 0 and 4 (don't hate -- remember, I'm not crafty and can't run!). I have found success with Banana Republic's jeans. They seem to fit me best. They aren't too low, they aren't too stretchy and I love the quality.

So anyway, here I was at Buffalo Exchange looking for jeans in the 0-2 section on the rack. I pulled out probably 10 pairs and went into the fitting room.

They were all too baggy.

I finally settled on a pair of dark wash Banana Republics in size 0 because, well, it doesn't get any smaller than that, does it?

I got home and found out they were waaaaay too loose on me. After wearing them for only a few minutes, I could slide them off my body without even unbuttoning them. So much for that.

I don't own a scale so I don't know how much I weighed at that point, but it's probably a good thing because the number may have shocked me right outta my pants (pun definitely intended). But I didn't need a scale to tell me what I couldn't ignore: I was TOO SKINNY. Even for me.

Here I am on my birthday. You can see how deathly thin I am. My face is gaunt; my collar bones are sticking out, my arms are pencils and my once-tight shirt is loose and baggy. Ironically, I am sitting behind a decadent red velvet cake.


It's not like I was really trying to lose weight; I was just trying to eat healthier. Yet I was slowly killing myself. Hello, the human body needs a little fat to cushion it up. It needs fat in case there's a famine or some kind of disaster and you can't eat for days on end. Well, I'm pretty sure my body had zero fat at that point. Good thing there wasn't an earthquake or something.

I am pleased to tell you that today, those Banana Republic jeans I bought on my birthday that were too baggy? Yeah, now they fit me quite snugly. My butt looks good in them. I am not too skinny anymore. And I feel great.

I still try to eat raw fruit and/or vegetables with every meal, but I am done going overboard. I will not say no to fats and sugars. I will eat them in moderation; they're welcome in my diet! I don't want to wither away ever again.

Plus, I like being able to wear adult-sized jeans. Yanno.

So, if you decide to cut all processed foods out of your diet, please remember you do still have to eat some fats. Some healthy options for this include Greek yogurt, cheese, eggs, avocados, lean meat and milk. And I'm a firm believer that there's no harm in a cupcake now and then. Nor in eating half your kids' Halloween candy.


  1. Definitely a good idea to keep GOOD fats in your diet. :) We eat a lot of avocados, hummus, and all our non dairy milks have fat in them. And I can never say no to a cupcake. :)

  2. You've always looked great!! I've been jealous of you and your "skinniness" since junior high! Keep up the good work! :) <3

  3. Good for you, this is a side of the story that we don't get to hear about as frequently but is certainly a struggle for many women. Healthy is the right choice no matter if you're overweight or underweight.

  4. You were a little peanut! When I got to college I went from 135 to um, 117 in a matter of weeks. All that walking and no home cooking just did it. I couldn't figure out why people were gaining weight at school. Did I mention I didn't drink? Yikes.

    It's good to have some cushion on you. You do never know when disaster will strike, but I'm guessing you've got a nice chunk of food storage built up :)

  5. I show wish I had that problem. Just sayin'. :)

  6. I still think you're a sexy mama, but enjoy adding some cheesecake back into your diet!

    FYI - you can order 00 jeans. But I think eating sounds more fun ♥

  7. This post was so funny! Once upon a time I trained for and ran a half marathon. And I got down to a size 2 and 115 lbs, which was entirely too skinny for me at 5'9". I have an 'anorexic-looking' picture too, and it's humiliating. Funny thing, at that time I was drinking whole milk and only eating full-fat products (none of this light, low, or no fat stuff for me). So pretty much I gave up on exercise. Yeah, I'm awesome like that.

    ps. I love Banana Republic for the sole reason that I consistently wear 1-2 sizes smaller than than everywhere else. I'm so dumb. :)

  8. pretty sure i need to do this... my hips are looking like the holidays have already passed us by...

    you're adorable! and you look wonderful.

  9. Oh I think you look so much better now than so tiny! You have such a beautiful face that looks better with some cheeks on it! :)

    I'm so glad you were able to recognize this and get some meat back on ya. I need you around for a long, long time!

  10. I've got to agree with Steve and Erin, I kind of wish I had that problem

  11. i love this. i love the "other side" of eating raw. the side people don't really talk about.


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