Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas hangover.

This is about how Christmas was for us. Too. Much. Fun.

Maaaaaaannnnn. I've been totally zonked the past few days. So many people in town, so many get-togethers, so many early mornings. SO MUCH CANDY.

I was so out of it this morning I tripped on my own pajama pants hem and sprawled across the floor like an elderly woman. I only sustained minor rug burn on my knee, but the fall was so traumatic and unexpected, I went back to sleep for another hour afterward.

I have no idea what the kids were doing during that time. Probably causing mayhem.

Anyway, now I'm up and at it. We're back to reality here. Dill's at work and I'm teaching 2 1/2 hours of piano lessons this afternoon. Got loads of laundry to wash and bathrooms to clean.


I decided to put off these inevitables by editing some Christmas pictures and posting them for you. Enjoy.

We had church at 8:00 so we attempted a few Christmas outfits shots before leaving. Look at my sassy daughter. Smush was totally uncooperative, as per usual.

I was brave and wore my hot red vintage dress. Bubby's outfit is from The Children's Place. Major Black Friday score there!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Smush peeking into his stocking after church.

Santa brought Bubby this Barbie dog grooming Wii game, which has been a huge hit around these parts (Santa told me he got it for $15 on Black Friday).

Smush got a wooden puzzle that makes car sounds. Vroooooooom!

All in all, Christmas was a pretty big success. However, I expect the recovery to take until about January 10. That's when Bubby goes back to preschool.

What did YOU (and/or your kids) score for Christmas this year?


  1. What a fun day for you. LOVE the dress on you!

    We had a fun, boring Christmas at our house. Just how we like it though. We did get money to get a playground for the back yard though, I am more excited than the kids!

  2. Dang woman, you look fab for 8 in the morning. 9 o'clock church always brings out the hasty outfits for us. :)

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  4. Stop the press... how do you look so hot!?! Girl, don't be shocked if you get pregnant soon!!!!

    (I feel like we're good enough buddies for me to say that, haha!)

    LOVE you in red. I don't think I could do 8am church, but I love that Christmas fell on a Sunday, what a great reminder!

    I'm sorry you fell. I attended mass with my family on Christmas eve and an elderly lady passed out and fell down in the pew in front of us requiring a fire dept rescue. Certainly added more drama to the usual Catholic service.

    ... Okay, longest comment ever is over!

  5. Um, if I were a size 0, I'd borrow that dress.

    I got a Garmin, because of how often I get lost. Like how I knocked on that door down your street looking for you :)

  6. yes! you wore the dress! it's awesome.

  7. 1. Your family is darling.
    2. That dress is incredible.
    3. Wow. That dress! You are such a lady.


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