Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finally got brave: skinny jean saga.

Well, I never finished the 30 for 30 Challenge, did I? If my memory serves me right, I never even got beyond Day 28. Dang it.

Oh well. Moving on.

To start, you must know that historically, I have despised skinny jeans. I have seen them worn correctly by a few fashionable women, but often, they just hug people's bodies in all the wrong ways. Every pair I ever tried on was met with frustration -- too long, too low, too tight (but the next size up was too baggy). I really did want to give them a good, honest try, but why would I pay for misery in the form of pants?

Anyway, on Christmas Day my 14-year-old sister was wearing a darling pair of dark wash skinnies. I asked her where she purchased them and she told me, "Wet Seal." Ok, for those who don't know, that is a teeny bopper store, meaning nothing within its walls is meant to fit voluptuous, stretched out mom bodies. But then, she mentioned they have a bunch of different styles of jeans that are meant to fit different body types. I was skeptical, thinking this could only mean "skinny" and "very skinny." But good for them.

The day after Christmas, I ventured to the mall to do some shopping. I passed Wet Seal and thought about my sister's recommendations. What the hey. I'll try some on; if I hate them, then I'll know skinny jeans are not for me. I walked in, promptly found the exact pair she'd been wearing the day before and took them into the fitting room.

Blessed day! They fit me perfectly. I barely even had to shimmy to get them on.

Here's what I like about them:

1) Mid-rise. After having two babies, my hips aren't what they used to be. Low-rise jeans don't cut it anymore -- this mama needs a higher rise. Mid-rise jeans are PERFECT because they are slightly higher in the back, but still have the cute low-rise look in the front. The jeans I got from Wet Seal are meant for curvy bodies and are constructed with -- you guessed it -- a mid-rise.

2) Short length. I'm not particularly short, but my legs definitely are. As such, if I put on regular-length jeans of any kind, I have to figure out what to do with about 6 inches of fabric. It's frustrating. I adore clothing retailers that carry short or petite pants. Wet Seal happens to be one of these. WINNING (it's still 2011, so I can say that without sounding dumb).

3) Dark wash. I've decided that everyone's first pair of skinny jeans should be dark wash. It's slimming, looks dressier and is easier to get used to. These jeans from Wet Seal are the perfect wash. I could describe it to you, but why don't you just look for yourself?

4) Price -- only $20. I can totally handle that.

So there you have it. Mom, the Intern has graduated to skinny jeans. I've found a pair that not only look decent but also stinking cute. And they fit me.

Good job, Wet Seal! I'll be coming back.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about short leg length- there are times when I end up with around 6 inches of extra material :(

    Good for you that you found cute skinnies :)

    Say x

  2. I've been a fan of skinny jeans for YEARS! LOVE LOVE LOVE them, but I legs have always been my thing. I tried on a pair of my regular boot cut jeans and felt SO dorky. I'm a skinny jean only convert currently.

    BUT, Urban Outfitters has tons of skinny jeans and colored skinny jeans. The are around $50 (a bit pricier), but they have all the different rises (low, medium, high) because apparently dressing like a mom, is what the hipsters like to do.

    Anyways, that's my two cents. They look good on you girl.

  3. They look super hot on you!! Work it gurrl!

  4. You look great! Cute pants to go with your cute hair!

  5. You look great! :) I don't think that I could pull them off. LOL But you look fabulous.

  6. I don't think I've worn any pants but skinnys since right after high school. Definitely the cutest! Glad you've found a pair that work now you need to go try on gap jeggings! :)

  7. Cute pants, cute pic, super cute hair!! :)

  8. Let's just be clear on something. You are nothing, if skinny. I can see no reason you should have concern about shopping...well, anywhere. Except maybe Lane Bryant or big n tall. ;) You look cute in them. I, however am NOT skinny, therefore have no business wearing skinny jeans.

  9. Heading to Wet Seal! As yes, everything you said about your body is the same as mine!

  10. you're definitely someone who can pull off skinny jeans well. glad you've crossed over :)

  11. lookin' good! I also just got myself my first pair of skinnys. skinnies? I feel like hot stuff!

  12. That's exactly what I've found frustrating trying to find some good ol' skinnies. You should get some kind of cut from all of us ladies now giving Wet Seal business.. lol

  13. You look so cute! I love a good pair of skinnies.

  14. I just got my 1st pair of skinnies too! Wahoo for mom's against frump!

  15. Lady, you are so adorable I don't know how you could make ANYTHING look bad!

  16. Jeans are fab! It's so strange to me that I can find good stuff at weird, teen clothing stores. And then none of the pants at GAP ever fit me!?!

    You look great and I agree that dark wash is the way to go!


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