Friday, December 30, 2011

Six exciting years.

What kind of people get married on December 30?

Crazy BYU students who are just too in love to wait until a more reasonable date.
That's who.

(BYU really needs to get on board with Spring Break.)

But why wait when you can start having the time of your life RIGHT NOW?

Thanks for six fabulous years, Dill. Here's to forever more.

[Insert lovey-dovey mushy baby talk here]


  1. Adorable! Happy 6 years to you guys. BTW, BYU doesn't have spring break?

  2. Congratulations :) You look so happy! :)

  3. You were a gorgeous (and tiny) bride! I don't think waiting is a good idea, either. I'm all about getting there fast if it's where you want to be!

    I would rather have my summer start then get a measly week off in the middle of march! Spring break is overrated!

  4. I just read your comment on Busy Bee Lauren's site about Hunger Games. Googled Chris Fine.......uh, yes please!! PERFECT Finnick!!!

    and happy anniversary :)

  5. oh, and Lenny as Cinna? I totally agree with you. I didnt see Lenny what-so-ever in the book and I am kind of bummed about it to be honest. I was thinking of somebody masculine yet flamboyant at the same time, haha

  6. Haha, the same kind of people who get married on December 19th, that's who! Glad to know we're not alone :-)

    Happy anniversary! You looked beautiful then, and you look beautiful now. congrats on six years! (We're only on four, haha!)

  7. Super amazing happy anniversary to ya dahling!!!

  8. This is darling. Congratulations lovely!


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