Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We stuffed our faces and then saw The Hunger Games. Ironic?

Dill's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. Last Wednesday, to be exact. I urged him to take the day off so we could celebrate properly. Since he loves me, he did. The power of persuasion.

We had a bajillion things to do the weekend The Hunger Games came out so we had to postpone our much-anticipated viewing of it until Dill's birthday. I know, four days isn't that long, but we are crazy about those books and were DYING to see it.

I had the brilliant idea to go to Joe's Farm Grill for breakfast (they give you $10 off your ticket on your birthday) and then to see the first showing of The Hunger Games that morning. My mom came over to babysit Bubby and Buckwheat (formerly known as Smush -- poor kid's following in the footsteps of Prince) and we headed out to Joe's bright and early.

It was a gorgeous day, even a little nippy. But in Arizona, we praise heaven for nippy days at the end of March. They're as rare as a jackalope. We tried to sit outside under the huge tree, but Dilly-Pie was too cold. True story. In his defense, he was drinking ice water. And I'm normally the one who's "cold."

The interior of Joe's is understated cool and eclectic. I want these ball lights in my house.


Even with my crappy camera, I easily shot that picture of our delicious waffles. That's because they are so beautiful, they have no need for Photoshop or special $800 cameras. Oh man, best waffles EVER and only $6.99. This was before I poured maple syrup in every little square. Mmm.

Oh yeah, and the 50's-inspired clock on the white brick wall with the grain cans above it. Hello, awesome.

After we ate, we literally had hours to kill so we walked around the gardens at Agritopia. Agritopia is this super-cool farming community that's adjacent to Joe's. Joe's actually uses the produce from the Agritopia gardens in their cuisine. It's pretty amazing.

Entrance to the garden. I browned it up for you and made it look vintage-y. It's what all the cool kids do with their Instagrams.

 I take the best walking pictures. I kind of mean that.

Even after our leisurely stroll through the gardens, we had about an hour before showtime. So we went to the only store open at the mall -- Dick's Sporting Goods -- and messed around with all the fun toys. I tried to use a treadmill but the display ones don't actually work. Probably safer that way.

Soon, we tired of Dick's and decided to go to the theater. Forty-five minutes early. But we were excited! We couldn't contain ourselves any longer.

In a moment of genius, I saved the last large popcorn bag we had purchased at the theater in the door pocket of my car. We hadn't used the refill on it so we took it to the concession counter in an attempt to get free popcorn. Totally worked, FYI. Considering the fact it costs $4 for three handfuls of popcorn, I recommend this strategy. I mean, who gets up in the middle of movies for refills, anyway?

Next post, let's discuss The Hunger Games. I wish I could adequately sum up my feelings here, but they really need their own entry. So much to talk about!


  1. " I take the best walking pictures. I kind of mean that."
    hahahaha. you really do.

  2. Can't wait to hear what you think of HG!!

  3. what a cool birthday. so smart to take the day off. that's what i've been doing lately and it's awesome. glad y'all had a great day! did you go to harkins? they have a "membership" for popcorn. It's $25 I think? It comes in the form of a shirt but you get a ticket for a free medium popcorn every time you go and you can upgrade to the large/re-fille for $1 more. Also, check them out after thanksgiving. they usually have the buy the popcorn year pass (it's a shirt) get the drink cup free. We go to harkins for the summer movie program (10 movies for $7) and the popcorn shirt is well worth the $$ for my kiddos

  4. What a gret way to celebrate your birthday! I loved the Hunger Games books. They're so great and were hard to put down books. i love those. My 14 year old have a date this weekend to see the movie. I was trying to eait for the crowd to die down a bit. We're super excited to see it. I love that you live in AZ. I live here as well in Mesa. :) We should connect sometime. Happy Hump Day


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