Friday, June 8, 2012

How to give a toddler a haircut.

Step 1: Convince your dad to do it. Do not attempt a toddler haircut yourself, unless you're a professional.

Step 2: Give the toddler a Kindle Fire.

Step 3: Transfer the freshly-cut toddler to his Grammy. Do not attempt to remove the Kindle.



  1. Our routine involves lots of fruit snacks and wincing from Jack. He hates how the buzzer tickles but we gave him a fresh mo-hawk for summer.

    Carson looks super cute and SO grown up.

  2. That is truly genius. Haircuts are such a pain!

  3. It looks like he handled it well! My brother used to cry, with his tongue hanging out, so he always managed to start gagging on clumps of hair. Haha!

  4. So I guess your next blog post will be: How to retrieve a Kindle Fire from a Toddler. lol

  5. Oh how lucky to have grandpa to do it. He is so cute and looks so much older now!


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