Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sponsored post: History of my glasses.

I remember the first time I realized I needed eyeglasses. I was in eighth grade and could only read the board at school if I was sitting fairly close to it. I found myself squinting a lot, so I told my mom and she took me to an optometrist. I remember thinking he was cute (I thought everyone was cute back then). After it was confirmed that I was indeed nearsighted, I woefully picked some partially-rimless, light-colored anti-reflective glasses which I refused to wear unless I needed them. I didn't want to be a nerdy four-eyes! But these glasses were so inconspicuous, some people didn't even notice when I was wearing them.

Fast-forward to my senior year of high school. My old specs weren't cutting it anymore, so my mom took me back to the optometrist (not the cute one, darn it!) for another look-see at my eyeballs. Yep, my eyeglasses prescription was outdated and I needed new glasses. This time, I was super-confident and chose some dark-rimmed Tina Fey-style glasses, kinda like the ones I wear now.

Wasn't I so cute? I'm pretty sure this picture was taken with a dinosaur camera. But as you can see, I loved my glasses.

As an adult, I've been more concerned with the price of glasses than anything else (well, I like to look hot in them, too). Cheap glasses or no glasses has kind of been my philosophy, and there's no reason glasses can't be cheap AND attractive in this day and age!

That's why I was so excited to find out about They offer affordable glasses, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a virtual try-on app that allows you to see what you will look like in their glasses before purchasing them! And there are SOOO many to choose from. Thick-rimmed, partial-rimmed, vintage, modern, designer etc.

Here I am in the Virtual Try-On Mirror, wearing a pair called "Intern." Fitting, right?

And of course I've gotta try on the hipster Occhiali glasses, just for fun ...

Hey, why don't YOU have a go?

And if you decide you like what you see? Glasses USA is giving my readers 15% off and free shipping on your entire order (over $50)! Just enter the code FS15 at checkout!

Do YOU wear glasses? Let's see 'em! Post your glasses stories and link up in the comments!

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  1. Oh I wear glasses - and have, on and off since kindergarten - but I get mine at Zenni Optical. Very similar I imagine. LOVE them!

  2. I don't wear glasses...anymore. I think I probably wore contacts more than glasses. Glasses were designated for "lazy days" (which were frequent).

    When it came time to buy new glasses, I started adding up the costs and decided to splurge and go for Lasik. Let me tell you: this has been the BEST money decision of my LIFE! $1700 total (lifetime warranty), I now have 10/20 vision! It's AMAZING to wake up in the morning and SEE!

    I know this post is about glasses, but I'm here to tout LASIK. Everyone I've talked to have also said it was the best decision of their life. #LasikLove

  3. You look soo cute in glasses!! I'm stuck in a love hate relationship with my glasses and contacts. I am blind with out them, but they are so stinking expensive!! I'm on my last pair of contacts, and my old glasses are an old prescription. Thanks for sharing this site!

  4. I wear glasses with no perscription for fun cause I think they make me look like a sexy librarian.

  5. That's actually really cool! I wish I had that back in 6th grade so I didn't have totally nerdy glasses.

  6. I got glasses in elementary school and I went for round and colorful. The frames were pink and purple. I still have them. I can't believe I ever wore them. It's funny.

  7. The personality can in fact define the type of glasses you choose.Choosing fashion eye glasses can depend on the kind of look you want to sport.


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