Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I survived ... hey, hey.

A little homage to Donna Summer there. Did you like it?

Now, let's play Where's Waldo? Can you spot me in these pictures?

Thanks to Dawn White for providing the pictures!

Yeah, it's kinda tricky since I look like one of the girls and not much like an adult leader. In fact, I was mistaken for a participant more times than I could count! Oh, the babyface. They keep telling me someday, I'll be grateful to look 14.

So, I lived through Girls' Camp. It was a really amazing experience, aside from some wicked allergies that became even more fierce once I arrived in the pines. I don't know what my deal is, but I never had allergies like this until after I had kids. I basically blew my nose 500 times and lost my voice by the end of the first day. It was not awesome. But I quite enjoyed teaching the young women how to make cute headbands and T-shirt rings and putting together the camp slideshow. And the leaders I got to work with are fantastic people. Cream of the crop.

Now that I'm not feeling like I lived in a dumpster for the past week, I'm back to blogging. Did you miss me? I'm excited to announce I have some fabulous GIVEAWAYS coming up for you this month! Wahoo!!! Stay tuned.


  1. Allergies are weird! It could of been an early twenties thing. That's when I suddenly got them. And they say that's the best decade, liars!

    Glad you survived. I can find you in all the photos. It does look like fun even if I would hate to be around all those teen/hormonal girls.

  2. Yes you were missed. I just love everything about your blog.

  3. You are the cutest!
    -Britney of lemonwood and honey

  4. I am the same way with my baby face and am still waiting for the day I am glad I like 14. Glad you survived :)


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