Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The beard lives on -- Dill's currently in Utah doing another round of filming for the New Testament Project. Today, tomorrow and Thursday they are shooting various scenes for the clip titled, "Jesus Heals a Man Blind from Birth." I guess Dill's monster-beard (that's what I'm calling it these days) was good for something because he was chosen to play an actual disciple of Jesus! Others were simply background players who pass in and out of the scene, but not Dill! He gets to be right with the apostles and Jesus. In other words, there's a good chance we're going to be seeing more of his mug here. Pretty dad-gum cool if you ask me.

Dill sent me a picture of himself all made up and in wardrobe and he looked amazing. They dirtied his face and teeth up beyond recognition. Unfortunately for you, we're not allowed to publish any pictures of him in costume before the film is released. It's a colossal bummer because he really did look great. Tomorrow he'll be wearing the same costume and acting in the same role. Not sure what Thursday holds yet.

I think this is just about the neatest thing ever. But on the other hand, why couldn't I have been blessed with the olive skin and dark hair? So jealous. Although, throughout my life I've had lots of opportunities to perform in various capacities, whereas Dill has previously enjoyed one (the play of Johnny Appleseed in sixth grade). So this is fantastic for him. I'm sure he's enjoying it and making lots of great memories, meeting new people and such.

But I'm still a teensy-bit jealous.

Since I can't upload any real pictures of the rising star, I drew one up in Paint. Seriously, I did. This is what he looked like today:

Yes, I really did draw this in Paint. Too much time on my hands for sure (what does a husbandless woman do after her kids go to bed?). Also, I'll be signing autographs after the show.

People seem fascinated with Dill's beard and they ask me the same few questions all the time. These include, "Is it weird to kiss him?" "Does he ever get food caught in it?" "Does it bug you?" "Do you prefer him clean-shaven?" "Does it keep him warm?" Easy enough, the answer to all of these questions is Yes. And more often than not, Unfortunately Yes. Let's just say I can't wait until it's gone! Just a few more days!


  1. oh I'm jealous of your mad skillz in paint. My husband has grown a beard a few times in our marriage. It's not my favorite thing either :S

  2. So much fun! I love that you drew that picture. Awesome. I hope he gets a good shot of him in the movie!

  3. That picture is brilliant! You've got mad skillz. The question I always ask of beardies (which has yet to be answered...maybe they think I'm joking?) is do you wash it with shampoo or with regular soap or body wash? Maybe it's a stupid question and that's why no one answers it! :)

  4. i love drawing things in paint!! very impressive! good work!

  5. Once upon a time, when he was a freshman, my husband acquired a beard card at BYU just because he could. He then grew a beard. I am grateful he went through that phase before we met because of all the questions you answered yes. I'm sad that I know of only 2 pictures taken during said phase. He looked like Brian from Guster.

    Hope your reunion with your clean shaven husband is most excellent!

  6. Gurrrrl, when I first saw your drawing of Dillon, I thought he was wearing a grill! CP probably put that thought in my mind. ;)


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