Monday, August 27, 2012

The many faces of Dill, part II.

So, my husband's back from the land of Goshen and he's a new man without all that beard. Dill looks amazing. This may be TMI but I can't stop kissing his super-smooth new face. I suppose I'm just making up for the five-month dry spell. Yes, he grew his hair and beard out for nearly half a year. I guess it was worth it, though, because he got to sit right next to Jesus during filming last Tuesday (I'm telling myself his massive beard influenced this outcome). I sure hope they don't have to re-shoot that scene because he'll DEFINITELY be in it!

Of course, Dill could hardly wait to get rid of the wild animal on his face, so Friday evening after I got back from this semester's first choir rehearsal, we went to work.Since he did mustaches last time, he decided to try out various beard styles. Seneca Crane was unfortunately going to be impossible, though we may try again for Halloween. It was still quite fun to see Dill's face change as it went through different phases.

Well, have a look for yourself.

The Wooly Mammoth.

Serj Tankian, maybe? That's actually kinda creepy. And I'm not sure about the shirt change.

Chin curtain.

Puffball goatee (aka We Didn't Know What We Were Doing)

Trimmed-down goatee (I could go for this, I think).

And finally ... 

Ta-da!!! Amazing! (No Justin Bieber this time; sorry)

Wait until you see him with his new haircut, too. Looks like the man I married! No wonder I can't stop smooching on him.


  1. Why being a working mom just isn't for me.

    Dang it! I was really looking forward to the Seneca look!
    Ah well now he has to grow it out again.

  2. I hardly thought he had a chin after seeing that first picture! I laughed when you said Joel should have been in on making the movies--he does have the features and beard making abilities for it. I'm not sure I could have gone 5 months without seeing his cute face though.

    Maybe if there's a new Foote baby in 9 months we'll know what the impetus was. :) Have fun smooching!

  3. Beards can be just as much fun for the woman as the man when you get to shave them like this! I hope there are some great shots of Dill in the final film!

    ps. Sam says they got in trouble and he felt bad because it was the first time that he's ever taken a picture on set and he was worried about Dill. Oops! We don't have a copy, so if you could email it, I'd be ever so grateful!

  4. this reminds me of my (new!) husband! before our wedding he had a burly beard like that and even had it at the rehearsal dinner. the whole family was like .............................................. hahaha! then the next day (our wedding day) he shaved most of it and looked so handsome up at the alter!

  5. That's so cool that he did the New Testament videos..I did too!! Haha he posted this link on the facebook page and it was to your blog and I was like "Hey! I already read her blog!" It was great. My dad did it too and his beard bugged me sooo bad haha. I'm glad it's done (though I loved it and wish I could have gone more than once) because it means the beards are gone ;)


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